10 Free Phone Games for Students

Mobile games are very popular among young people because modern graphics and interesting storyline are what attracts teenagers more and more. In addition, it is worth noting that you can play them almost anywhere you want. Games are very exciting, so we advise you to buy an argumentative essay not to lose your grades. And we move on to our selection.


The ailment is a pixel-shooter made in the spirit of classic science fiction. The atmosphere is reminiscent of such cult movies as Alien and The Thing, and from the gameplay point of view, it is easy to find similarities with the Hotline Miami dilemma. The heroes of the game are forced to explore a huge spaceship to find the key to salvation, and at the same time exterminate the aliens that have infiltrated the ship. The success of this venture depends only on the wit and reaction of the players.


This title is a spin-off of the main series of games dedicated to the adventures of the stern Agent 47 with a barcode on the back of his head. Throughout 150 missions here it is necessary to eliminate various targets with a sniper rifle, and the complexity of the tasks will increase from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the pumping of the weapon, as well as follow the conditions of each mission to pick up the right equipment.


The sequel to the crazy racing game turned out to be a model continuation, which found room for all the features of the original. Cars and motorcycles became even more (and with them – and available spare parts), the obstacles on the tracks became much more sophisticated, and the gameplay itself – was even more dynamic. There are also interesting daily tasks, and achievements, as well as a handy leaderboard.


It’s a revolutionary project, which is quite a pull on a full-fledged console game. The new shooter can amaze with its outstanding graphics, impressive story campaign, and elaborated multiplayer modes (raids and co-op). The developers have included in the game and RPG elements – the main character can pick up equipment from 200 different elements of armor with different features.


Even though the development of the mobile version of PUBG was done by a studio that had nothing to do with the original, the final result exceeded all expectations. The authors managed to bring to smartphones a grand royal battle with all its features, including tons of vehicles, weapons, equipment, and other details. Surprisingly, the sense of scale was not lost.


This is an outstanding indie title, which for a long time was exclusive for iOS. It has won the hearts of many players with its charming graphics, calming gameplay, as well as the touching story, and magical soundtrack. Sky offers an unforgettable journey through a picturesque kingdom to save it from darkness and return the extinguished stars to their places.

Free Person Playing League of Legends Wild Rift Stock Photo


This mobile version of FIFA is inferior to the standard version of the soccer simulator in the number of game modes, but the gameplay is performed at about the same level. Instead of the usual career mode in the game, there is a season mode, where you need to lead your favorite team to the champion’s title of this or that league. Of course, multiplayer didn’t disappear – in FIFA Football you can compete with other players in one of several formats.


Most players who caught the classic version of WoT about 10 years ago note that Blitz is like two peas in a pod. Thus, if the current version of the simulator for “big screens” seems overloaded with modes and details, the Blitz with its simple and clear gameplay, as well as easy controls can become a real outlet for all fans of tank battles.


Like all previous karting simulators, dedicated to Mario and his friends, this title invites you to take part in fun races in the company of different characters. Mario Kart Tour features locations inspired by world capitals like Paris, Tokyo, and New York. Take part in spectacular races and exciting challenges to unlock new heroes and tracks and add to your collection of vehicles.


The game is a story strategy game dedicated to the adventures of the castle master. Managing the main character, you must thoughtfully make decisions, intelligently allocate resources to upgrade the army and pump up the castle, and fight enemies of all stripes – from feeble skeletons and orcs to terrible giants and dragons. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game features a multiplayer mode where you can raid other people’s castles and defend your own.

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