6 Tricks On Staying Safe While Using Your Smartphone

Smartphones have made life so much simpler and easier. We simply cannot live without a smartphone. Be it about contacting your loved ones or doing your office work, smartphones have made the connection with the world on your finger tips. With its many pros, also comes the cons which a user must consider while using their smartphones. 

The privacy and personal data of users is out there for the hacker to breach and miss-authorise very easily. One should be extremely careful while surfing online and posting their personal details on websites as security for smartphones is very important. We have mentioned a few important tricks in this article which will help you in keeping yourself safe and secure.

How do I stay safe on my phone?

You can stay safe on your phone by keeping in mind a few simple tricks which will help you to secure your smartphone.

1. Don’t provide personal information

The first rule is to ensure that you do not provide personal information anywhere on the Internet. There are many websites which claim to be official websites while in actual they are scam accounts which are made to steal your personal information to further misuse it for their means.

2. A strong password is a must requirement

Your pin, password or the pattern to your smartphone or any other personal accounts should be very strong. Avoid using your name, your father’s name, your pet name or anything which can easily be guessed by hackers by using your public information.

3. Install a Call Recorder App on your phone

If you are wondering as to how to keep yourself safe on your smartphone, there are many apps available for that. A call recorder app should definitely be on your phone. iCall is a call recorder app that the iPhone offers which can easily be downloaded and installed on your phone to record all your calls. It comes with a free trial version. The automatic call recorder iphone also offers many other features making your life easier and safe from potential scammers. Once you have installed this app, it is going to record all your calls which you can check on later when required and even produce it as evidence to police incase of any theft or scam. The app is very user-friendly and doesn’t take much space on your phone either.

4. Only download trusted and renowned apps

You must keep in mind that your downloaded apps should always be from a trusted source. Never download anything from an unknown source. There are numerous ads on the Internet, which may be interesting apps. Do not get tempted by such apps, as most of these are designed to steal your personal information. Once downloaded, apps use permissions to gain entry into your personal data, and then pass it onto scammers for misuse.

5. Log out from all apps after use

Once you have used your apps, especially those which require payment information such as your credit card number or pin, such apps should be logged off after use to avoid any loss of personal information.

6. Keep your apps updated

In order to avail all the security features by the apps, it is a requirement to update all your apps frequently. According to the latest security thefts, the apps keep updating their security which must be installed to stay ahead of scammers.

Using a smartphone is a necessity but in order to save yourself from any potential scammers, you must use it smartly. The tips and tricks which we have mentioned in our article will help you in securing your smartphone from any hackers. Make sure to download apps only from trusted sources and download apps like iCall to record all your calls to keep them as evidence in case of any theft or scam. You must also keep a strong pin or password on your smartphone as well as your apps and always log out after using them. It is recommended to keep your apps updated at all times.

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