Best Apple Arcade Multiplayer Games to Play in 2020

Get to Know about the multiplayer apple arcade games. Apple arcade is a revolution in the iOS gaming industry. There are a lot of exclusive and console-like games available in the Apple Arcade. Finding your games according to your favorite category is a quite difficult task.

So, if you want yo download and play only multiplayer games available in the apple arcade then you are at the right place. Because in this article, I will tell you about all the apple arcade game which support multiplayer gameplay. So, go through the whole article below.

There are more than 100 games available in the Apple arcade, find the best apple arcade games out of them is a pretty difficult task. You can checkout that by clicking on the underlined text above. Now coming back to the topic, multiplayer games are now quite popular among the iOS users. They also want to find out these games in the Apple Arcade, as they had paid for its subscription.

Now if you want to make your money spent on Apple Arcade worth of it then you are at the right site. In this article, unlike others, I will tell you about 13 different apple arcade multiplayer games that are worth playing.

And if you also want to know what are the best free multiplayer iOS games to play with friends then tap here:- Best Free Multiplayer iPhone Games.

Apple Arcade Multiplayer games

All the games listed here, are tested by our team and they all support multiplayer gameplay. A short description of each of the games is written as well. And images are also provided with each of them to give you an idea about the gameplay.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the best multiplayer games available in the Apple arcade as stated below.

Ballistic Baseball

Ballistic Baseball is one of the latest Apple Arcade games, it was launched about on October 19th. As from name one can get an idea that this is a baseball game with incredible graphics and realistic gameplay. It supports multiplayer, two players can play in real-time with each other in a baseball match in ballistic baseball.

Ballistic baseball a real-time multiplayer game

The controls of this game are really simple and it also supports PS4 or Xbox controllers which can be connected to any iOS device running iOS 13.

Sonic Racing

Sonic racing, like other Sonic games, is a quite popular game. This game was one of the first games made available in the Apple Arcade. Up to 2 players can compete with each other in a single match. Not only that you can also play with random players online if you don’t have a friend online at that time.

Sonic racing (Apple Arcade multiplayer games)

This is a normal racing game with high-end graphics and also includes some incredible power-ups which make a match more interesting.


Shockrods is a game for those who love battle machines and love fighting with realtime players online. This game includes a special kind of vehicle which is named “Shockrod” and this vehicle include guns and other weapons. You need to damage the shockrod of other players in a match and the player who lasts will win the match.

Shockrods (best multiplayer apple arcade games)

Up to 12 players can playa match, you can add your friends or the random players in the game. One can also customize his vehicle or shockrod to suit his personality.

Super impossible road

Super impossible road is one of the best racing games available in the Apple Arcade. But it is not a normal car or bike racing game, special kinds of barrels or balls are used in this game to race on which seem quite sophisticated. Up to 8 players can race at the same time, you can either add your friends or can play with random players as well.

Super impossible road

The graphics and gameplay of this game are incredible and controls are quite easy even a child can play it easily.

Cat Quest 2

Cat Quest 2 is a role-playing strategical game in which only 2 players can play at the same time. This game includes a dog and cat to play as you can either play the role of both alone or can add a friend who can play the role of a dog within the game. Go on a quest in a magical world with a dog and cat, which is full of monsters, unseen creatures and full of adventures.

Cat Quest 2 a multiplayer apple arcade game

The controls of this game are super simple and you can master them in no time.

Lego Brawls

Lego Brawls is the most interesting and creative apple arcade game. In this game, you can add up to four friends and have to build your brawl to fight with the opponent team which will also include 4 random players. You can show your creativity by building weapons in your way with the given material in the game.

Lego Brawls

This game supports an Xbox or PS4 controller and the in-game controls are quite easy to learn.

Cricket Through the Ages

As the name defines it is a game similar to Cricket. But it is not that much similar, in this game you will find different worlds and objects to play cricket with. Up to 2 players can play in the same match of this 2D game and there are 6 different game modes available in this game. These modes are:- survival, training, versus and so on. Your knowledge about cricket is not needed to play this game as this whole game is based on the laws of physics according to its developer team.

Cricket through ages

The controls like other apple arcade games are simple but it is really hard to master them. Once you played it then you will get an idea why I am saying this to you.

Big-time sports

This is also another multiplayer game based on sports. This game also supports an external controller. This game includes different sports game with simple controls, up, right, left and right. Up to 2 players can play at the same time. All the sports in this game are different from those in the real. The football, soccer, etc. are made super simple games in this game, and the developer team says that this game depicts the era when games were not that much developed and competitive.

Big-time sports apple arcade

As told above the controls of this game are simple and easy to master. Anyone can play this game no matter he/she is a regular gaming player or not.

Pac-man party royale

Unlike the classic Pac-man game which was one of the early arcade games, this Pac-man Party Royale is a new version or remake of that classic game. In this game, you can add up to 4 players or friends to play in one game where you need to defeat, particularly eat, each other. The last one standing wins the battle. You can also add robots in the game if you don’t have a full team of 4 players to play the game.

Multiplayer apple arcade game: Pac-man party royale

One can create a party within the game and then can share the code of that party with friends to add them. It’s quite easy to play this game in multiplayer mode. And it included simple swipe controls which makes it a family game.

Punch Planet

Punch Planet is a two-player sci-fi 2D game. In which you have to fight with your opponent who can be your friend, computer or a random player. There are a lot of weapons which one can use in the game instead of hand to hand fights. If you had played the classic wrestling games of the late 90s then you will definitely like this game as well because the concept of this game is similar to them, although the graphics are improved.

Punch planet (Apple Arcade games)

From the image you can see how cool are the graphics and controls are super simple for anyone.

Stellar Commanders

This game is a 1 vs 1 strategy multiplayer game, in which you fight for the control of different planets. The fights or battles in this game are up to 7 minutes long within which you need to destroy the planet of the opponent, if you are not able to do so then you will see a great explosion of one of your planet. This is a great sci-fi game with incredible and engaging gameplay. You can either fight with your friend or can destroy a planet of a random player.

Stellar Commanders multiplayer game

If you love sci-fi or space mission games then you will definitely like this game as well. The controls are not that much simple as in other apple arcade game but you will master them in a few minutes of playing this game.

Hot lava

Hot Lava is one of the most popular apple arcade, this game is not exclusive because it was first available on PC. But this is still an incredible console-like game where you will be at a place full of lave with a few objects floating on it. You need to jump over those objects to reach your destination in the game. Follow the checkpoints and you will reach your destination. Up to four players can play in a world at the same time but you cannot choose them they all are random players.

Hot Lava a multiplayer apple arcade game

This game also offers gyroscope controls along with touch controls and it is a little bit difficult to master these controls. Like the majority of the game this game also supports an Xbox and PS4 controller.

So, these were the multiplayer apple arcade games with awesome gameplay and high-end graphics.

Do you know how to cancel the apple arcade subscription? If you don’t then you should know about it and you can do so by clicking on the above link or underlined text which will be redirected to a step-by-step guide to cancel Apple Arcade subscription.

And if you have any doubts regarding any of the game above then comment them in the comment box below, our team will reply to you as soon as we can.

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