Apple Releases the first macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta for Developers

Apple has released the macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta 1 for developers without even releasing the macOS Big Sur 11 for the Public. The macOS Big Sur 11 is currently in Beta 10, and Apple just released the 11.0.1 Beta instead of releasing the macOS Big Sur 11 Beta 11 or the final version of macOS Big Sur 11.

There are rumors that Apple did this because they want to release the macOS Big Sur 11 with the new Apple Silicon powered macs, which are supposed to release in November. These macs will contain apple’s processor chip instead of a third-party processor chip by intel or AMD.

Apple did the same in the past with iOS 14.1, they released the iOS 14.1 Beta without releasing the iOS 14 to the public. They released the iOS 14 to the public in the September event.

That’s why there are rumors that Apple is going to organize a November event where they will unveil Apple Silicon powered macs and also the macOS Big Sur 11.

macOS Big Sur 11 is a huge update for the Mac, containing a redesigned interface. The control center, Notification Center, the message application, Maps, and some other things are completely redesigned in the new macOS Big Sur 11.

Both macOS Big Sur 11 and 11.0.1 are in Developer Beta stated, which means they are only available to the developers or people who had downloaded Apple Developer Beta profile on their macs. To download it you need to go to the Apple Developer center and need to have an Apple Developer account.


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