Apps Like Parallel Space for iPhone (3 Apps)

Apps Like Parallel Space for iPhone (3 Apps). If you want to know how to download Parallel Space on iPhone. Then you may now know that it is not possible to download Parallel Space on iPhone. All other sites or videos on youtube provide fake ways to download Parallel Space on iPhone.
Not like others, I will tell you about some apps like Parallel space for iPhone and which are available on App Store for free. In this article, I will tell you about 3 different Apps Like Parallel Space for iPhone. These apps help you to maintain multiple accounts on one iPhone. You can use two messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and many more accounts on one iPhone with these apps.
Now let’s have a look at the apps Like Parallel Space as mentioned below.

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Apps Similar to Parallel Space:-

Below are the 3 different apps like Parallel Space. We don’t promote any one app from them. These apps are only to tell you about them. Now let’s get started.

1. Parallel App.

The first and my favorite app for maintaining multiple accounts is Parallel app. It is one of the apps like parallel space and is similar to Parallel space. It provides you with a better user interface. Although it’s UI (User interface) is not better than the Parallel Space but it is better than other apps like parallel space. You can see the following image of the Parallel App. Then you have to just click on any app and you will see that app will open with a new account.
One can download this app for free by searching “Parallel App” in App Store. And the logo of the Parallel app is also highlighted in the image below.

Apps Like Parallel Space for iPhone

Key Features:-

  • Provide Password protection.
  • Multiple accounts for all Social Apps.
  • Also tells how much time you had used an account.
  • Provide 10 Apps for multiple accounts.

2. Dual Space.

This is also a good alternative app for Parallel Space. Although this app provides more multiple accounts for different apps. Such as it also provides a new “Photos” app which is not available in any other app. But it is on place 2 because it shows video ads or advertisements, which annoy and make the user experience worsened a little bit.
But if you want to use multiple accounts for more apps then I recommend Dual Space app for you. Without ads, this app is the best app from the Apps like Parallel Space. You can download this app for free from App Store by searching “Dual Space”. You can also see it’s logo and UI (User interface) in the image below.

Apps Like Parallel Space for iPhone

Key Features:-

  • Provide about 24 apps for multiple Accounts.
  • Provide Password Protection.
  • Great User Experience.
  • Show annoying video ads.

3. Parallel Space – App Lock.

This app is also one of the apps like parallel space. But this app provides some incredible features such as Photo Vault, Private Notes etc. This app is a little bit difficult to use. I can tell you about how to use Multiple accounts in this app.
To use multiple accounts just open up the app and click on the “Social Lock” category as highlighted in the image below to use different apps such as messenger, uber, tinder, bingo, facebook etc. You can download this free app by searching “Parallel Space – Applock” in App Store. Its Logo is also shown in the image below.

Apps Like Parallel Space for iPhone

Key Features:-

  • Shows fewer advertisements.
  • It Provides Photo Vault.
  • Provide about 20 apps for multiple accounts.
  • Give facility for Password Protection.

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I hope you know that you can’t download Parallel Space because it is not Possible. But now you had known about the apps like Parallel Space for iPhone.
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