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Can’t View WhatsApp Messages Through XNSPY? Here’s How to Fix It

Xnspy is one of the most popular remote monitoring and tracking applications available in the market today. Not only is Xnspy capable when it comes to monitoring phones and tablets, but it also has some other useful features to boot. 

Xnspy is widely used by parents and employers alike. Parents find its use when it comes to monitoring the devices that may be entrusted to their children, whereas employers use it to keep company data and security in check.

From a parental monitoring viewpoint, the XNSPY WhatsApp feature is the tool to curb some of the biggest issues plaguing children today. With crimes against children and cyberbullying becoming more rampant than ever, any useful deterrent is appreciated. The app has educational use-case credentials, too. When deployed in learning environments, the app has monitoring and blocking features that can eliminate distractions for children. This is especially useful in a global climate where remote learning is still a persistent modicum of primary and secondary level education.

Perhaps Xnspy’s true potential is realized in the workspace. Corporations around the world are riddled with cybercrime and data hacks. And with the vast majority of data breaches occurring due to employee negligence and bad actors, eliminating the issue at its core is one of the most important tactics of businesses. This is where Xnspy comes in which can be deployed on company phones and tablets and can effectively report back on any communications that may incriminate a company, or leave it open to cyberattacks. Similarly, it is an effective tool for tracking the real-time location of off-site employees. 

Xnspy Salient Features

As mentioned earlier, Xnspy has a wide variety of features to its name. Besides the usual call and text message tracking, Xnspy also allows for social media and instant messenger monitoring. Most popular names can be tracked including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, iMessage, Kik, and WhatsApp. It is also one of the apps that work as a WhatsApp spy without root on Android phones. While this can have issues now and then, these do work flawlessly. To learn more about how this WhatsApp sniffer for non-rooted Android devices works, go to this page.

Xnspy WhatsApp Errors

We mentioned briefly earlier how there can be a difficulty when it comes to reporting on instant messengers and one such has to do with WhatsApp. The popular messaging app has tended to not report after some of the recent updates to the Xnspy app. This can happen due to several reasons and diagnosing them properly can be tricky. Users can deploy the Xnspy WhatsApp spy app for Android phones without rooting and consequently, even use it on iOS phones. Fortunately, our guide for fixing some of the lapses comes in handy for users regardless of the situation or operating system and device.

The Problem

Some Xnspy users have recently reported with the dashboard working as usual with the only issue about the updates from the WhatsApp menu. It seems WhatsApp chats aren’t coming through to the Xnspy panel promptly or have stopped completely. Being one of the most popular instant messengers on the market, a resolution for these problems is of utmost priority.

WhatsApp Messages Updating Fix

  1. WhatsApp Might Need Updating

Due to the intrusive nature of app updates, most users opt-out of automatic updates whenever the device is connected to the internet. This can cause many target devices to be running outdated versions of the WhatsApp app that may have issues syncing with updated Xnspy versions.

What you can do:

Check to see if the Google Play Store or Apple App Store has a WhatsApp update scheduled and ready for download. If available, please update WhatsApp and turn on automatic app updates to mitigate any future reporting issues.

  1. WhatsApp May Be Updating in Real-Time

Trying to view messages when an app is updating on the target device can cause updates to stall momentarily. This usually occurs due to the temporary lapse in-app communication with the Xnspy servers.

What you can do:

Wait for the device to finish app updates, and then log back into your Xnspy dashboard to monitor WhatsApp.

  1. Ensure Internet Connectivity

Lapses in internet connectivity can be common in both the target device and the computer you are tracking from. This is more common on target devices as they may move in and out of internet connection zones. 

What you can do:

If the target device is on the move and outdoors, chances are it may not be connected to a Wi-Fi network or may not have mobile data on temporarily. WhatsApp monitoring should resume as usual once the device regains internet access.

  1. Background Services Killing WhatsApp

Most phones, and especially Android phones, have strict battery management techniques where the operating system routinely flushes out apps from device memory to improve battery life. While this is a great tool for making devices last longer, it can mean synchronizing issues on the device, and in turn, on the Xnspy dashboard.

What you can do:

Disable battery optimization of WhatsApp from the Settings menu on the phone and resume monitoring of WhatsApp chats.


As Xnspy is one of the few monitoring apps that work as a WhatsApp spy without root, there can be a general delay in reporting messages to the dashboard. We suggest waiting for the Xnspy servers to receive and send information to the dashboard, and if wait times persist for more than 30 minutes, try reinstalling the Xnspy APK file on the target device.

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