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How to Change the App Store’s Country Without Credit Card

Learn how to change the app store country without a credit card. Changing App Store Country is not a tough task at all. But if you don’t know about how to change the app store country then it may seem to you that it is hard, especially without credit card. If you want to know about changing the app store country without having a credit card or without any payment method then stay tuned.

Changing the app store country is really an easy task, but if you want to change the app store country without having any credit card, which is basically needed while changing the country then it is also possible and very simple.

There are mainly two approaches or you can say ways, by using any one from them, you can successfully change App Store’s Country/ Region without any payment method such as credit card.

Both ways of changing App Store country are described in this article, you can choose any one from them because they are quite similar. But I recommend the first one technique.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the Steps to change App Store Country without any credit card as stated below.

How to Change Country in App Store Without Credit Card

Below are the steps which you need to follow in order to change the country and region of your iPhone’s app store without having any credit card m. So, follow all the steps as it is in order to succeed in changing the App Store’s Country.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Scroll down until you find “iTunes & App Store”, Tap in that option.

app store location

3. Click on your “Apple ID”, which will be highlighted with blue color at top of the screen.

Apple id

4. Select the “View Apple ID” option from the pop-up window which will appear on the screen.

5. Tap on “Country/ Region”, and after that click on “Change Country/ Region”.

6. Select any one country in which you want to be in the App Store.

change country in the app store

7. From the Payment methods mentioned at top of the screen, select the “None” option, and no credit card will be needed.

change country in the app store without credit card

It’s that simple, in this way you will be able to change App Store Country or region without having a credit card or without using it.

Now an alternative method, although similar to the above one is described below. For those who are extra-ordinary or find the above steps difficult.

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Steps to change app store country

Steps stated below are similar to the above steps but you can use them if you find the above steps hard to follow or apply.

1. Open up the App Store.

2. Tap on your Profile logo present at the top right corner.

change app store country

3. Click on your Apple ID which will appear above all other options.

apple id

4. Select the “Country/ Region” from the bunch of options.

5. Again Click on the “Change Country/ region” option which will appear in the middle of the screen.

change the country or region

6. Choose any one country from the list of countries appearing on the screen.

change country in the app store

7. From the payment methods which will present at top of the screen, select the “None” option and now credit card will be needed now.

change country in the app store without credit card

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In an above-described way, you will be able to change your iTunes or app store country without a credit card. The steps stated in this article are in simple words, but if you find any difficulties then you can comment them in the comment box below.

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