How to check CPU temperature

How to Check CPU temperature – The Easiest way

Learn How to Check CPU temperature – The Easiest way. CPU temperature is very important. Maybe you know that CPU temperature also affects the CPU speed and can also fire your PC. It doesn’t mean that your PC will catch fire but some wires and the processor can be burnt your PC will get affected. So, you know understood that it is very important to check CPU temperature. Now if you want to know how to check CPU temperature then stay tuned.

Today in this article I will share two ways with you by which you can check your CPU temperature easily. But before that, you must know that what is the better temperature range in between the CPU work perfectly and doesn’t damage.

What is the Good temperature Range for CPU?

The better temperature Range between the CPU or processor doesn’t harm your PC’s CPU is 30 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is between 30 to 65 degrees Celsius then it is good for your PC’s CPU. If the temperature is low such as 5 degrees or below it, then it is also harmful because it increases battery problems. If you are using your PC at a cold place then the battery of your PC will probably become low in a few minutes. Now let’s have a look at the two ways mentioned below to check the CPU temperature.

How to check CPU temperature (With Hardware Monitor)

  1. First of all, you just need to download an application named as Hardware Monitor. You can download this application from here.
  2. After downloading and installing the app into your PC, open it. And you will see all CPU and your PC information in the app such as a processor, power, battery etc.
How to check CPU temperature
How to check CPU temperature
  • You can add this application to the taskbar to instantly check the temperature at any time.
  • How to check CPU temperature (with Core Temp)

    1. At first download the Core Temp from the following link.
    2. After installing the Core Temp app, you have to open it. And here you will see all the information about the CPU temperature with processor details.
    3. Then minimize the Core Temp app and open the system tray where you will see the current CPU temperature.
    How to check CPU temperature
    How to check CPU temperature with core temp

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