Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy Free Download (Android)

Learn about Getting Over it for Free Download on Android devices. Getting over it with Bennett Foddy is one of the most interesting adventurous but frustrating games available on Android devices. A lot of people come to know about it but never download it because it is a paid game.

But if you want to download Getting Over it for free on your Android device then you need to go through the whole article present below. Because in this article a way of downloading this game for free is being told.

Getting Over It! is a game which was once a most sold paid game in all over the world. It is an unusual and weird game with uncommon concept and controls. I think this is the only game which works in the same way on a PC, Android, iOS and Gaming Consoles as well.

And if you want to know how to download getting over it for free on iOS then click on the linked text above.

It was first launched worldwide on 6 October 2017, by a developer named Bennett Foddy. This game was for a long time being listed in the trending paid games available for Mobile devices.

Anyway, you are here because you may have watched a live streamer playing thins game or a friend who had bought this game. But you are here because you have no money or you don’t want to spend your money on buying this game.

If your purpose is to download this game for free on your Android device then you are at right place. Because in this article I will tell you about how you can download this game for free on your Android device.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps about downloading Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy on android for free as stated below.

Download Getting Over it Android (Free)

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to download and play Getting Over it for free on your Android smartphone. Steps are quite easy and simple to follow, images are also included to assist you. So, don’t worry just go through each step.

1. First of all, you need to download an app named “Tutuapp” which is similar to Google Play Store but it contains paid apps for free download. Download Tutuapp from:-

2. After downloading Tutuapp, using the above link. Open it up.

install Tutuapp

3. And when you will open it you will be asked to allow “Tutuapp” the permission to download apps on your Android device. You need to grant that permission.

App Permissions

4. Then open up Tutuapp, and you will see a lot of apps available for download in it, the majority of which will be paid apps available for free.

5. You need yo just tap on the search bar present at top of the screen and search “Getting Over It” in that search bar.

Getting over it free download android

6. In the search results, you will see “Getting Over It” available for download for free. Tap on the install button to download it in your Android without buying it.

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NOTE:- This is for the knowledgeable purpose only, we don’t promote ways of downloading paid games for free on our site. It is to tell you about the methods other people are using.

It’s that simple to download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy on your android device for free. Although the method stated above is 100% working and proven way if downloading this game for free, you may find some issue while downloading it.

Such issues and their solutions are described below.

Issues with Getting Over it free android download

Following are the issues which are faced by the majority of people due to their ignorance. You can have a look at these issues to avoid yourself from making mistakes, encouraging these problems.

  • Getting Over it is not downloading:- This is the most common issue among the people trying to download this game using the above method. This is the issue with the easiest solution.
  • Solution:- First check your internet connection, if it is properly working then Restart your Android device. In this way, Getting Over it will automatically start downloading. If still, it is not downloading then you might have not permitted tutuapp to download apps. So, follow the third step from the above-stated methods.
  • Getting Over it is downloaded but is not opening:- This is a rare case in which this game is installed on the Android phones of users but is not opening. There is no proper solution to this problem. Because this may be occurring because your Android device had a low-end processor that cannot run this game. Or there is a solution as well.
  • Solution:- Be sure that your Android is running on its latest Android version. If it is not running on its latest android version then Update it to its latest version and the game will start running properly.

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If you are facing a different kind of issue then tell us by commenting on your issue in the comment box below.

And keep using our site to know about more such How-To guides about downloading paid games for free.

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