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How to Download Songs on iPhone without iTunes

How to Download Songs on iPhone without iTunes (2018). Most of the people use their smartphones to listen to songs or music. But in iPhones, you have to pay an annual fee as a subscription fee to use such services such as iTunes Music.
If you want to save your money or want to know how to download Songs on iPhone without iTunes and for free then you are at right place. In this article, I will tell you a way by which you can easily download Songs on iPhone without iTunes. So, Now let’s have a look at the Steps stated below regarding “How to Download Songs on iPhone without iTunes”.

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(Steps) How to Download Songs on iPhone without iTunes:-

  1. The steps are very simple and easy. You just have to Download any “Downloader app” to download songs on your iPhone (And if you don’t know about downloader apps then, downloader apps are special apps which allow you to download files from websites). There are a lot of Downloaders available on App Store but only a few of them works well. I usually use “Amerigo” a free App to download Songs.
  2. You just go to the App Store and Search for “Amerigo”. When you will find the “Amerigo” app which will looks as shown in the image below.

    Download Songs on iPhone without iTunes

  3. Then just Download it, And it is absolutely a free app.
  4. After downloading it you have to download Songs in that app. And the songs which you will download using this app will Play in that App only.
  5. To download a Song in “Amerigo”, Just open it and you will see a “Red” colored button at the bottom right corner of Amerigo App’s screen as shown in the image below. Click on that Red colored button. And “Google” will be opened.

    How to Download Songs on iPhone without iTunes

  6. Now just Search for any Song you want to download. Such as if you want to download a song named “Moon” then Search, “Moon Song Download”. Then you will see many sites which allows you to download that song. And download a song from that sites and Listen to it within the “Amerigo” App.

I hope you now know how to download songs on iPhone without iTunes and for free. And if you have any queries regarding this article, you can comment it below.

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