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How to find Dead Bases In Clash Of Clans (COC)

Learn How to find Dead Bases in COC (Clash Of Clans). The Dead Bases in Clash Of Clans contains a lot of loot and can be easily raided. But dead bases are really very difficult to find. But today in this post I am going to tell you a trick by which you will get more dead bases for the attack. I hope Most of you know that what are dead bases. If someone doesn’t know what are dead bases then don’t worry I can explain to you. For those who want to know how to find dead bases only then have a look at the steps stated in the below paragraph.

What are Dead Bases In Clash Of Clans?

Dead Base means a base who’s owner or player is not active for a long time. And this type of bases contains tons of loot in resources and are easy to raid or attack. The bases which are not maxed but contains max resources and have tons of loot then it also can be said a Dead Base. And if you want to know that how you can find dead bases in Clash Of Clans then have a look at the full guide stated below. And if anybody wants to know how to hack clash of clans in iOS devices then click on the link below to see our post written on “how to hack clash of clans”.

Steps to find Dead Bases in COC (Clash Of Clans)

1. First of all, to use this trick you need to be a Co-Leader or Leader of a Clan. But if you are not a Co-Leader or Leader then Don’t worry. You can make your own Clan.
2. After that, you need to Change your Clan Location to “Indonesia”, Yes, only “Indonesia”.
3. Then go to Settings of the game by clicking on the wheel like button as shown in the image below.

4. Now click on the “Change Language” option. And then change the default “English” language to “Bahasa Indonesia”.

5. After that go for an attack by clicking on “Find a Match”. Then you will see all dead bases only. Some bases will contain much loot and some will contain a small amount of loot but all will be dead bases.

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