How to offload apps on iphone ios 12

How to Offload Apps on iPhone (iOS 13/ iOS 12)

Learn How to Offload Apps on iPhone on iOS 13 or iOS 12. As iOS 12 had come, there are two types of deletes available for apps. One is completely deleting an app or “Offload an app”. By deleting an app you will lose all data of that app but by Offloading it you will keep the Files or Data of that app and that data will be restored whenever you install that app again.

In other words, if you want to delete an app but keep its files and data in your iPhone then it is called Offloading an app.

Let us know about what is offloading of an app in detail first and after that, I will tell you about how to offload an app from the iPhone.

What is Offloading an app?

Offloading an app is a new feature available on iOS 12. It allows us to keep files or data of an app on our iPhone while deleting an all. That files or data can’t be opened or seen, But when you will reinstall that deleted app in the future then all data or files saved in your iPhone while offloading will be restored in that app.

This feature is beneficial to save the progress of games.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps about how to offload an app on iPhone running iOS 12.

Steps to Offload Apps on iPhone (iOS 13/ iOS 12)

1. Go to Settings of your iPhone.


2. Select “General” from Settings.


3. Now Tap on the “iPhone Storage” option.

Oflfloading an app
Offloading an app

4. Select the App which you want to offload and Tap on it.

offloading an app
offloading an app

5. After that Tap on the “Offload” app option to Offload it from your iPhone.

offload apps on iphone
offload apps on iPhone

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NOTE:- This feature (offloading of an app) is only available on iPhones running iOS 12 or later.

It’s that simple, in this way you can offload an app from your iPhone. Next time whenever you wanna delete a game then don’t delete it instead of this Offload it and your progress in the game will be saved.

If you have any questions regarding the above steps then comment them in the comment box below.

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