How to watch apple special event live

How to watch iPhone 11 launch Apple Special Event (Live)

Learn How to watch iPhone 11 launch Apple Special Event 2019 Live. Tech giant Apple is going to release its one of the most awaited smartphones, the iPhone 11. This event is the most anticipated event of the year, as a lot of people are waiting to see the innovation that apple might have done with the new upcoming iPhone.

There are a lot of rumors going on about what new things along with iPhone 11 apple will unveil? But to know the real one needs to watch the Apple Special event. You all might not have time and are not able to attend this event, happening at Apple Park. But you can still watch the event live from any of your device. Yes, and the way to do so is told in this article. So, go through the whole article to know about it.

The major doubt between the minds of people is about the date of this event. Some, are saying it’s September 10, while others are saying it’s September 12. So, before knowing about how to stream Apple iPhone 11 launch event, you should be aware of the date of this event.

On which date Apple Special Event 2019 is happening?

The expected date for this apple special event is September 10, 2019. Apple had unveiled the launch date of iPhone 11 officially, and also announced the timing of this event. The event will begin at 10:00 A.M in Apple Park. Although to watch all the event you need not go to apple park, you can watch this event live from your iPhone and I will explain the way to do so.

Apple special event september 2019
Apple special event September 2019

There are some rumors about this event, especially about iPhone 11. The major features that iPhone 11 is expected to launch with are leaked. One doesn’t know that they are exactly correct or not. But you can look at these features as they are mentioned below.

  • iPhone 11 will come with 3 Lenses camera
  • Improved Battery life
  • On-screen fingerprint sensor
  • New color options


There are also some leaks that on this event Apple will unveil its new service Apple Arcade and iOS 13 is surely going to be released on this day.

Now you have the necessary information about this Apple Event. And now you should have a look about how to watch Apple Event on September 10 live.

How to Watch Apple Event 2019:-

Below are the steps which you can follow to watch iPhone 11 launch event right from your home.

1. This event is going to be stream on youtube. So, open up youtube on any of your devices.

2. You can search “Apple” in youtube and in the search results you will see the official youtube channel of Apple, open it.

3. In that channel, the latest upload will be a reminder for the live streaming event, tap on that video reminder.

4. Then you will see an option “Set Reminder”, click on it and you will be notified when the event will start.

Watch apple specail event 2019 live youtube
Watch apple special event 2019 live youtube


You can follow the above steps or otherwise you can directly open that youtube video to set a reminder from below.



Just open up this video in youtube and then select the option of “Set Reminder” within youtube and stream the live iPhone 11 launch event for free.

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