Turn iPhone into a Wireless mouse or trackpad for Mac/PC for free

In a few steps, you can easily convert your iPhone into Wireless mouse or trackpad for your Pc or Mac. The iPhone screens are very smooth and anyone can tell that the iPhone screen is better than a trackpad. But have you ever think to convert your iPhone or any iOS device into a wireless mouse or trackpad for your PC/Mac.

If you want to convert an iPhone or iOS device into a wireless mouse. Then you are at the right place because today in this post I will tell you such a way by which you can easily use your iPhone as a trackpad or wireless mouse for Mac/PC. So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps stated below. But before that, I recommend you to don’t skip any step from below if you don’t want any difficulty while converting the iOS device into a trackpad.

Steps to convert any iPhone into a wireless mouse:-

1. First of all, you have to download an app from App Store named as “Remote Mouse”. This is the app is for free available on App Store.
2. After downloading it you have to download this app also on your PC/Mac. From a website who’s linking is given below:-
3. Then you have to click on the green-colored “Get” option. After that, a new webpage will appear on screen as shown in the image below.
4. Now select the device you want to download this app such as PC or Mac as shown in the above image.
5. When you completely downloaded this software on your iPhone and Mac/PC also. Then open up this app on your iPhone and you will see a “Start” option in the middle of the screen.
6. Just tap on that option but keep in mind that your iPhone and PC/Mac are connected to same wifi or personal hotspot. After that, you will see a green-colored page on your iPhone.
7. Now swipe or move your finger on the green-colored screen and you will observe that cursor is also moving in your PC/Mac.

I hope you had liked this post. If you have any queries regarding this trick then tell us by commenting it in the comment box. If you want such more hacking tricks then keep using our site.

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