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Radiation Island Free Download for iOS (No Jailbreak)

Get to know about Radiation Island Free Download for iOS. Radiation Island is one of the best survival adventure iOS game. Like other awesome iOS games this is also a paid game. One needs to pay about $3 to download this game from the App Store.

But if you are here it means you are finding some free ways of downloading Radiation Island for free on your iOS device. And I want to say that you are in the right place because, in this article, I will tell you 3 different ways you can use any one of which to download this game for free. So, go through the whole article present below.

If you are a gamer like me who loves the first-person shooter or open-world games then the Radiation Island is the best choice. It took me about a month to find the working way of downloading this game for free on my iOS device. Because there are a lot of sites claim to offer you the download links but they all are fake.

This will not happen here, because we have mentioned 3 methods, all of them are working at the time this article is uploaded. But if we assume that any one of them stops working then you will still have 2 more options to download this paid game for free.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the first method which you can use to download Radiation Island for free on your iOS device.

Download Radiation Island iOS (Free)

Below are the steps you need to follow if you want to download Radiation island without paying any money to the app store and downloading it for free. Images are included with each step yo assist you in understanding and following these steps.

1. First of all, you need to download an app named “Pandahelper”. You can download this for free but not from the app store. Link to download it:-

2. After clicking on the above link you will be redirected to the official site of pandahelper from where you can download it by clicking on the “Download” button.


3. When pandahelper will be downloaded you can’t open it up by just clicking on it, you need to “Trust” the app developer on your iOS device first.

4. To do so Go to Settings > General > Profiles and then “Trust” the app developer.

How to trust an app on iOS

5. Now open up the pandahelper and you will see a lot of apps and games available for download, but you need to download “Radiation Island”, so click on the search bar present at top of the screen.

Radiation island free iOS

6. And search “Radiation Island” in that search bar. In the search results, you will see “Radiation Island” will be available for download and for free.

7. Just click on the blue-colored download icon to start the downloading process of it. The game will not start to download directly to your iPhone, it will first download within the pandahelper app.

Downloading radiation island free iOS

8. You can see the downloading process by clicking on the “Download” symbol present at the top right corner.

These were the steps of the first method to download Radiation Island for free. If this method is not working or is a little bit difficult for you then you can follow the 2nd method as stated below.

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Radiation Island Free iOS

The following steps are of a second method which can also be used to download this paid or any paid game for free. Like the above method, images are also included which will help you to understand the whole procedure.

1. At first, you need to download an app named “Cokernutx” (It is free), you can download it only from-

2. When you will click on the above link, then you will be redirected to an official site where you will see an “install” button, click on it and “Cokernutx” will be downloaded.


3. Now “Cokernutx” is downloaded on your iOS device, but you cannot open it up until your “Trust” it on your iOS device.

4. To do so Go to Settings > General > Profiles and then “Trust” the app.

How to trust an app on iOS

5. Then open the “Cokernutx” app from the home screen and click on the search symbol present at the bottom right corner.

Search Radiation island

6. Search “Radiation Island” and you will see the same game available for download in the search results for free, click on the “Get” button and it will start downloading on your iOS device.

Radiation Island free iOS

This was the second method to download Radiation Island for free, but we still have another last method to do the same. I recommend following this method only if the above two are not working for you.

Now let’s have a look at the last method as mentioned below.

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Radiation Island download iOS (Free)

This is the last method which you can use to download Radiation Island for free on your iOS. Although I am sure that the above two methods will work if they don’t then use this one.

1. Firstly go to-

2. Click on the “install” icon as highlighted in the image below.


3. Now a pop-up will appear with two options one will be “ignore” the other will be “allow”, select “Allow” option.

Allow appvalley

4. Then “Close” that pop-up and open “Settings” of your iPhone.

5. There you will see a new option named “Profile Downloaded”, tap on that option.

Profile downloaded

6. A new window will be opened with an “install” button at the top right corner, click on that button and an app named “App Valley” will be installed.

7. Now open up “App Valley” and tons of apps will be available for download in it.

Search Radiation Island iOS

8. You need to click on the search bar and search “Radiation Island” and download it from the search results.

Radiation Island free download

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So, that’s the end of this article and you now know about three different ways of downloading a paid iOS game absolutely for free.

If you have any questions regarding this article then comment them in the comment box below.

And keep using our site to know about more How-To guides like this one.

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