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How to Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly on 2gb ram Mobile

Learn How to Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly on 2gb ram Mobile. PUBG Mobile is one of the trending, addictive as well as a high-end graphics game. Users who have flagship phones, especially iPhones, play PUBG Mobile without any Lags and quite smoothly.

On the other hand, those who own cheap phones which are not made for gaming, play PUBG mobile smoothly in their dreams because their mobiles who have 2gb ram can’t handle that much stress of higher-graphics. So, what they should do in order to improve the PUBG Mobile on their mobile phones and to run PUBG Mobile Smoothly.

There is a way which will seem helpful to a lot of people having 2gb ram mobiles or there mobiles aren’t able to run PUBG Mobile Smoothly. In this article, I had stated about that way by using which you will able to run PUBG Mobile smoothly on your android mobile.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps to make PUBG Mobile run smoothly on 2gb ram mobiles as stated below.

Run PUBG Mobile Smoothly on 2gb ram mobiles

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to run PUBG Mobile smoothly on your android mobile without buying or spending anything. Now go through the steps stated below.

1. First of all, you need to download an app from google play store named “Booster for PUBG”, which is a free app. Direct Play Store link to this app is:-

2. After downloading the “Booster for PUBG” app in your android mobile, open it up.

Booster for PUBG

3. When you will open it then you will see a “Boost” button, tap on that button if you want to boost your device.

Booster for PUBG install

4. Then you will see all the games including PUBG Mobile will appear within the app, tap on PUBG Mobile and it will be opened within the app.

Boost PUBG Mobile on 2gb ram mobile

5. Now you will see that PUBG Mobile will be running quite smoothly, without any lags on your android mobile. You need to open up PUBG Mobile within the “Booster For PUBG” app in order to play PUBG without lags.

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NOTE:- Don’t Delete PUBG if it is appearing within the app which we had downloaded because if you delete PUBG Mobile from your Android phone, it will stop appearing in “Booster for PUBG”.

A question might be arising in your mind that to what extent the performance of PUBG Mobile can be improved using the above-stated method? Answer to your question is discussed below.

To what extent PUBG Mobile will run Smoothly?

Using the above method of running PUBG Mobile smoothly on a 2gb android mobile, the performance or may not be as efficient as 3gb or 4gb android mobiles offer. But as compared to the performance you get without downloading “Booster for PUBG”, the PUBG Mobile will run quite fast and smooth after downloading that app.

How much improvement in the performance of PUBG Mobile

You will not suffer or face any lags, although you may face a little delay sometimes such as in 1 match from 100 matches played in PUBG Mobile.

In this way, you will be able to play PUBG Mobile smoothly on your android phone having only 2gb of ram. If you have any questions regarding this article then can comment in the comment box below.

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