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Tips for newbies in online gambling world

The main principle of any game at online casinos is to have a scientifically sound point of view, a strategy that is based on probability theory and mathematical calculations. Gambling should be relegated to last place, and it should be preceded by well-developed analytical thinking, the ability to think strategically and the desire to keep the game under control.

How to choose the best online casino and not to fall for cheaters

Choosing a trusted online casino, you should take into account the following criteria: 

  1. Feedback from users, reporting on the variety of games offered and the honesty of the club. Careful and in-depth study of the casino website, which should offer its own terms and conditions, not a copy from other sites.
  2. About-page will tell the history of the institution, the time of creation of a virtual site.
  3. Availability of a license and a bonus system.
  4. The club should have technical support — a toll-free phone line, online chat.

Choosing the best online casino is half the success for good entertainment. Opening the doors of online casinos, first of all, you should spend a few minutes and check the site, using the listed rules. 

Cheating at online casinos: how they make money on newcomers

Any newcomer entering the online room can fall into the hands of fraudsters. There are many methods of deception, which are very intricate. Remember that the best online casinos immediately identify such cheaters.

The oldest method in the arsenal of fraudsters is the following:

A new player is contacted in social networks, they send letters to his e-mail address, leave messages on forums, which offer to get acquainted with the unique win-win strategy for a small fee. As a result, after paying for a unique method, the player is sent a well-known tactic, or they send nothing at all. 

A new strategy of swindlers

A new strategy of cheating has become playing with other people’s money. A «sponsor» offers a newcomer to make money on the Internet, to become an apprentice. It is necessary to play daily with the money of the «sponsor» according to a proven scheme. 

Two outcomes of training are possible:

  1. «Apprentice» wins, but he is not paid anything, as he owes for the training.
  2. The «student» loses and owes the «sponsor» money.

The outcome is that, at best, the helper has not lost his money, but the teacher has earned on the attraction of the client.

Online casino scams: what lies behind the generosity

Any online casino provides bonuses to customers, but this «generosity» is subject to a number of rules that must be followed, otherwise, it will not be possible to take your prize: 

  • You can start using no deposit bonuses only after replenishing your wallet. It is necessary to win back the no deposit bonuses, but it can be unrealistic to do so. During a new game, the client spends more real money than he gets from the casino as a gift. There is a number «wager» that tells you how many times you need to wager the bonus amount in order to withdraw the money.
  • Wager turns out to be the magic number, which is impossible to achieve. Casino for no reason blocks the client’s account, and writes off deposits.


Modern online casinos put forward many tempting offers for each new customer, but before you register, you need to carefully study all the conditions. It is not possible to cheat the casino, and some «gifts» can be devastating. So be vigilant and play only in a trusted online casino. One source where only the best representatives of online casinos are located in fancasinos.com.


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