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Top Online Research Resources For College Students

College is that stage in learning where most of the school work revolves around making research. There are many reasons college students may carry out research. These reasons vary from assignments to school projects. Many people believe that the internet is not always a legit source to get factual information for research purposes. Hence, all research must be made physically and in an old-fashioned way. However, there are a handful of online resources that college students can use to do research irrespective of the topic.

Top Online Research Resources for College Students

These are some of the most reputable online research resources available to college students 


The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is one of the top online research resources for college students. As the name implies, it is a center for information. Hence, there is a wide range of information and academic materials for different fields of study. In addition to this, the source can be referenced in your paper whether locally or internationally. For instance, if you’re seeking international economics assignment help, you should get legit and approved information from this source.

PubMed Central

With over 20 million articles, PubMed proves to be one of your best sources for research. Although PubMed is a science and medicine-related site, it was initially set up by the US National Library of Medicine to help make research easier. College students can always find useful information here.

Perdue’s Online Writing Lab

Often addressed as OWL, the online writing lab is a hub of writing professionals, novices, and experts. A lot of activities go on here and there are many materials that you can access for your project or research. It is free to all and is also internationally recognized; hence validating your research. 

Online Archives

It is the age of technology and everything is gradually becoming simplified. Making research is unlike in the past when you have to walk into buildings to access archival documents. Recognized archives now have most of their historical documents on the internet where you can easily access them. 

The USA’s Library of Congress

The USA’s Library of Congress is one of the biggest libraries in the world. One of its advantages is the fact that you do not have to travel for miles to access it. Further, sourcing documents and books is easier than having to go through rows and columns in a physical library. The number of available files is inexhaustible and they cover nearly every possible field that you may consider researching as a college student. 

The School Online Library

Like other academic institutions, your school is certain to have a working standard library. However, your school might not have an online library where you can source books and use them freely. Be that as it may, if your school has an online library, there is no harm in frequenting it while doing research. 


Whether you’re offering an online course or choose to do school research through the internet, there are many sources available for you. Online sources are convenient and easier to access. The list in this article will help make your research stress-free. 


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