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How to Change Audio Settings on Netflix

Learn how to change audio settings on Netflix. Netflix, the god of the streaming industry, is common in everyone’s phone. The thing which is uncommon is “Audio” settings! Yes, a lot of people like you, don’t know about changing the Audio Settings on Netflix.

Don’t Worry if you don’t know about how to change Audio Settings in Netflix because in this article I had told the steps to change these settings. So, stay tuned with this article.

You might find Several Settings, but were unable to find “Audio” Settings, Why? This question might arrive in your mind. This is a common issue that a lot of people suffer, it’s quite easy than you think.

Yes, it is quite easy and contains a few steps only. Now without wasting time, let’s have a look at the steps about changing the Audi Settings on Netflix app.

And if you want to know how to change streaming quality on Netflix TV app then click on the linked text above.

NOTE:- The method of changing Audio Settings in Netflix is the same for every Device such as iPhone, Android, or PC. So, it doesn’t matter which device you are using, the steps stated below will obviously work.

Change Audio Settings on Netflix

Below are the steps which you need to follow in order to change Audio settings on Netflix. And as mentioned above, the following steps are universal and works on every device. You should keep in mind that skipping anyone from the steps told below can fall you into trouble. Thus, don’t skip anyone from the steps below.

1. Open up Netflix, and select any Movie or TV show.

Movie or TV Show

2. Tap anywhere on Screen.

3. Click on “Dialogue” symbol from the bottom bar, appearing at right corner.

Change Audio Settings on Netflix

4. Select any Language, Subtitle or Caption according to your need.

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That’s all, in this way you can change the audio settings in the Netflix app. The steps are stated in simple language and with images to help you.

If you are curious to know about what Audio Settings Netflix Contains then can have a look at the following article, otherwise can leave Now.

What Audio Settings Netflix Contains?

Basically, Netflix didn’t contain many diverse audio settings, it contains Subtitles and Varieties of Languages if available. Settings like audio quality are not available on Netflix. You can change the language of Subtitles, and On/ Off them under “Audio” Settings, which is convenient according to me.

Audio Settings on Netflix

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If you have any questions regarding the Audio Settings of Netflix or have any doubts, then you can comment them in the comment box below.

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