How to Change Streaming Quality on Netflix (TV)

Learn about How to Change Streaming Quality on Netflix (TV). Are you using Netflix on your TV? and sometimes wonder how can I change the streaming quality of it? Then this article is for you because here I will tell you how you can change the streaming quality of Netflix on a TV or Smart Tv.

Some of you may want to reduce the streaming quality to save data usage or some of you may want to select the highest available quality for streaming, and both of these things can be done in the same way.

The problem is that there is no “Streaming Quality” option available in the Netflix app for TVs while this option is available in the Netflix mobile app.

So, to change the streaming quality you need to visit the “” on a browser. Don’t worry, I will tell you all the procedures of doing this in the form of a step-by-step guide with images included.

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Following is the step-by-step guide which can be used in changing the streaming quality on Netflix on a Tv.

Change Streaming Quality on Netflix TV (Steps)

The following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to reduce or increase the streaming quality of Netflix on a TV. Images are included with each step to help you, and a “NOTE” is also given at the end of the steps which is important for you to read.

1. Go to “”, from your phone’s browser or your computer’s browser, you can even use your Smart Tv if it had a Browser like Chrome.

2. Sign in at the official Netflix site, with your Netflix account which you are using on your TV.

3. Click on the Profile icon or Account icon which will be available at the top left or right corner.

4. Now scroll down and you will see your account’s Profiles, tap on a “Profile” and a lot of options will appear.

Tap on Playback Settings

5. Select “Playback Settings”, from there you will see three streaming qualities.

6. You can select any one of the three qualities, and all the Netflix content on your Netflix account will be played at that quality.

Change the Streaming Quality of Netflix account

NOTE:- After changing the streaming quality, all the movies or tv shows on Netflix will be played at that quality no matter on Tv or Laptop. All devices except smartphones will stream at that quality.

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So, these were, the steps that you need to follow if you want to change the streaming quality of Netflix on TV. I hope this article helped you in doing what you want to do with your Netflix account.

And if you want to know about more How-To guides like this one then keep using our site.

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