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How to Clear Safari Cache and Cookies on your iPhone

Learn How to Clear Safari Cache and Cookies on your iPhone. If you are an iPhone user then you might use the default Safari Browser available on your iPhone and all iOS devices. But you might don’t know how to clear cache in Safari, or you just get to know about something called “cache”, and now you want to clear it! 

Then you are at the right place because in this article I will tell you about how to Clear Safari Cache on an iPhone and along with that, I will also tell you about clearing cookies in Safari. To know about clearing Safari cache on iPhone in detail, you need to go through the whole article present below. 

There are a lot of reasons behind the clearing cache of all websites, the first one is that it makes the browser work faster. Another benefit is that the websites you load after clearing the cache will be updated, id any change happens to any website then you might need to clear cache to see that change. 

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Although having cache helps some websites load faster but it take unnecessary storage on your iPhone that’s why you should clear Safari cage or any other browser cache on regular intervals such as after a week or after a month. 

Now if you want to clear Safari Cache on your iPhone then there are two ways, first one is about clearing all websites cache stored in Safari. And another way is to delete or clear the cache of some or one particular website in Safari. 

So, if you want to clear the all Safari Cache on your iPhone then follow the first way told us below or if you want to clear the Cache of a particular website store in Safari then follow the second way told after the following. 

How to Clear Cache in Safari (iPhone)

The following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to clear the cache of all websites stored in Safari of your iPhone. By following the steps told below you will delete all the cache, history and cookies stored in Safari Browser of your iPhone. 

  1. Go to Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Select “Safari” from the Settings.
  3. Scroll Down and you will find an option “Clear History and Website Data”, tap on it.
  4. Again in confirmation pop-up, select “Clear History and Website Data” to clear all Safari Cache.
How to clear Safari Cache in Safari on iPhone

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In this way, you will be able to delete all the website’s cache and history stored in the Safari browser of your iPhone. 

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Now if you want to clear the cache of particular websites on your iPhone then there is a way to do that ad well. And this method is stated as below. 

How to Clear Cache of Particular website in Safari (iPhone)

This method is for those who don’t want to clear the cache or history of all websites, instead, they want to clear the cache of a particular website stored in the Safari browser of an iPhone. The steps below are quite similar to the above one and images are included with each step. 

1. First of all, open settings of your iPhone. 

2. Now scroll down and you will find “Safari” Option, select it. 


3. There you will see a lot of different options, scroll down to end and you will see the “Advanced” option. Select the “Advanced” option. 

Advanced Safari settings

4. Then you will see “Website Data” option, select it. 

Website Data stored in Safari

5. All the websites will appear who’s data or cache has been stored in the Safari browser.

6. You can search the website in the search bar whose cache you want to delete then swipe from right to left to delete its cache. 

Delete Safari cache of particular websites

7. Or you can tap on the “edit” option available at the top right corner and then delete the cache. 

How to clear the cache of particular websites in Safari

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That’s all that you have to do to delete the cache, cookies or history of particular websites from Safari Browser of your iPhone. 

I hope you understand all the steps and images might have helped you in doing so. But if you have any suggestions about this article, then you can tell us by commenting on them in the comment box below. 

And keep using our site to know about more How-To iOS guides like this one. 

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