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How to Edit PDF Files on your iPhone or iPad for Free (3 Methods)

Learn How to Edit PDF Files on your iPhone or iPad for Free. There are some occasions where you might need to edit something, such as an image but you know how to edit an image from your iPhone. But there are some occasions where you need to edit text files or files that are in PDF Format. And doing this on a PC is not that difficult but doing the same thing from an iPhone seems difficult. 

You are here because you want to edit PDF downloaded on your iPhone but you don’t know how to edit PDF on an iPhone. Don’t worry, in this article I will tell you 3 different ways to edit PDF on an iPhone, you can use either one out of them. To know about it in detail, you have to go through the full article presented below. 

PDF is one of the most popular file formats when we talk about sharing documents online. The majority of the documents shared online via email, Whatsapp, etc. are in PDF Format. Because every PC, similarly every phone or iPhone can open that PDF file easily. But what if someone wants to edit that PDF file? Then it is easy as well, you just need to know about it and then you will definitely think that it is easy as ABC. 

If it is easy then why you don’t know? The answer is that you need to download PDF editor, kind of apps on your iPhone to be able to edit a PDF document or file. 

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You might have gone through a lot of articles on the internet about editing PDF on an iPhone if you don’t? Then let me tell you that the majority of the articles about how one can edit a PDF document from the iPhone are not that thorough and detailed. You will see only the list of some PDF editor apps available for iPhone and not about how to edit PDF in these PDF editor apps. 

Unlike others, This is a fully detailed article. You will get to know about each step included in editing PDF on an iPhone. I have used three different PDF editor apps and told about how to edit PDF file in each of them from your iPhone. 

I recommend using the first method which I think is easier and is free, while in the other two methods you need to buy the premium subscription of the PDF editor apps. 

Now without wasting time let’s get started with the first method of editing a PDF on your iPhone using the “PDF element” tool.

How to Edit PDF on iPhone Free using (PDF Element)

This is the first, easier and wholly free way of editing a PdF document right on your iPhone. In this method, you need to download a free app from the app store called “PDF Element”. You can also download it using the direct app store link included in the first step.

1. At first, you need to download a PDF editor tool on your iPhone called “PDF Element”. It is a free app, the direct app store link of this app is:-

2. After downloading the PDF Element app on your iPhone, open it up and do “Sign Up” with your email ID. 

3. Don’t worry the sign up is free and if you asked to buy the premium version of it then just “Close” that pop-up. 

4. Now you are on the home page of PDF Element and you will see some folders and a “Demo” PDF file. 

5. Along with with that a “menu” or three lines will be available at the top left corner, tap on it. 

Three lines (Menu)

6. Then you will see some options such as “Local”, “Recent” and one of them will be “Cloud”. 

7. You need to select the “Cloud” option.


8. Now you will see three more options, “iCloud Drive”, another “Dropbox” and last “Box”. 

9. Select “Dropbox” if the PDF file is in the dropbox account, otherwise, if it is downloaded on your iPhone then it will be in “Icloud drive”, so select “iCloud Drive” if it is downloaded on your iPhone. 

Select iCloud Drive where PDF is saved

10. After clicking on “iCloud Drive” you will see a new window that will be opened in the “Files” app of your iPhone where PDF file will be downloaded. 

11. Select the “Browse” category from the bottom navigation bar, then select the folder where you had downloaded the PDF, and select it. 

Select PDF file you want to edit

12. When your PDF file is opened in the “PDF Element”, you will see some options in the top toolbar. One option will be of “Text Editor”. select that option as shown in the image below. 

Edit PDF Text by clicking on the text editor

13. Now tap on any part of the text and a keyboard will appear on the screen, you can delete any text or can add text to that PDF file. 

Type text or remove existing text from PDF

NOTE:- We used the demo PDF available in the PDF Element to show you the editing screenshots. 

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This was the first method that includes no cost and is simpler than other methods. You just need to download the PDF Element app from the app store which is a free app. 

Now if you want to know another method as well which includes the use of a “PDF Expert” app. Although this is a free app, the feature of editing a “PDF” is only for premium users, you need to buy the premium subscription to use that feature. You get a “7 Day” free trial as well, and I recommend to use that free trial in this way you can edit pdf for free using this app. 

But still, I had told the steps to edit a PDF text file in PDF Expert app. 

Steps to Edit PDF in iPhone or iPad (with PDF Expert)

As I told above you need to download the PDF Expert app on your iOS device. This is a free app on the app store, some of its features are free but the PDF editor feature is for Premium users only. You can become a premium user for free by availing its 7 days free trial of premium services. 

1. Firstly, download the “PDF Expert” app from the app store. The direct app store link of this app is:-

2. After downloading the PDF expert, open it up. 

3. And you will see some folders, such as “Album”, “Files”, “iTunes” etc. Select “Files” of you have downloaded or saved PDF on your iPhone. All files are saved in the “Files” app by default. 

4. Select that PDF from the “Files” folder, if you are confused then you can check the 11 and 12 steps of the above method. 

5. Now you might have select the PDF file you want to edit and it will be opened. 

6. You will see some tools in the topmost toolbar, and there will be an “Annotate” option or heading at the top, click on it. 


7. Then you will see different options one of them will be “Edit PDF”, select that option. 

Select the edit PDF option

8. Now you will see some new tools or options in the toolbar, select what you need to edit in that PDF. 

9. Most people want to edit “text”, if you also want to edit “text” then select the “Text” option. 

Select text option to edit PDF text

10. After that, you will be asked to buy the premium or start a free trial, select “7-day free trial” and edit your PDF for free. 

7-day Free trial to edit PDF on iPhone

NOTE:- We used the Demo PDF file to show you the demonstration, this demo was available in the PDF Expert app.

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These were the steps of the second method which includes the use of the PDF Expert app. I still recommend using the PDF Element which is used in the first method which is absolutely free to use. 

Still, you can use this (PDF Expert) for free by signing up for free trial. This trial is for 7 days only and then you need to pay if you want to use PDF Expert.

This is not the end of this article, still, there is another popular PDF Editor app available for iPhone or iPad. This app is “Adobe Acrobat”, you can download it for free but need to purchase again the premium subscription to use the “PDF Editor” option. 

How to edit PDF files on iPhone (Adobe Acrobat)

In this method, you have to use one of the most popular PDF readers or PDF apps are known as “Adobe Acrobat). You need to first download “Adobe Acrobat” from the app store and then follow the following steps, the direct app store downloading link is also given below. 

1. First fo all you need to download “Adobe Acrobat”, it is available for free download, go to the app store and download it. The direct app store downloading link of it:-

2. After downloading Adobe Acrobat on your iOS device, open it up.

3. The PDF files you had downloaded will appear if not, then open up the PDF file you want to edit in Adobe Acrobat. 

4. When it is opened then you will see a “pen” button at the bottom right side, tap on it. 

Edit PDF File in Adobe acrobat

5. Now some options will appear, one of them will be “Edit PDF”, select that option. 

Select the edit PDF option

6. Then you will be asked to buy the subscription, buy it if you want to edit PDF File in that app. 

Subscribe to use Edit PDF option in Adobe Acrobat

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That’s all that you need to do to edit a PDF file on an iPhone. I hope you understood all these methods I have told. And I hope that the images included with these steps had helped you in following them. 

If you have any queries regarding this article then you can tell us by commenting them in the comment box below. 

And keep using our site to know about more How-To iOS guides like this one. 

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