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How to Save Battery While Playing Fortnite Mobile (Tips)

Learn How to Save Battery While Playing Fortnite Mobile (Tips). Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most intense and high-end games available for mobile devices. That’s why at the launch it was only available for download for iPhones which are supposed to handle the stress of this game. And not only that, iPhones which were launched after iPhone 6 was only able to handle this game. 

Another thing about the game is that due to high graphics this game consumes a lot of battery. Your phone if it is an iPhone then you might know how fast fortnite drains the battery of it. In this article, I will tell you about some tips by using which the battery consumption by fortnite will be reduced on your iPhone or any other Android phone as well. 

Particularly in this article, We target iPhone users who are playing fortnite mobile and are worried about the battery consumption of their iPhone. 

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The tips stated in this article are not told anywhere on the internet because no one is familiar with them.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the tips to reduce the battery consumption by Fortnite Mobile. 

Tips to Save Battery while Playing Fortnite

The following are some tips you should follow if you want to play fortnite and also want to save some battery while playing it. If you follow all the following tips then you will see a significant impact on the battery consumption of this game. 

1. Turn on Low Power Mode

This is the most common way of saving an iPhone’s battery consumption. This feature is now available on some other android devices as well, you can enable this feature not only to save battery while playing fortnite but also while using your phone for daily tasks. To enable “Low Power Mode” on an iPhone you can go to “Settings” > Battery and then enable it.

Low power mode saves battery

2. Change the Resolution Settings in Fortnite

You need to make a compromise in the game if you want to save your iPhone’s battery. You have to change the resolution settings in the fortnite and make them set to “Low”. In this way what will happen is that the Fortnite will run in Low graphics you are making a compromise with its graphics but due to it, your iPhone or any other Phone will consume less battery while you are playing fortnite. To change it’s graphic or resolution settings go to “Settings” in Fortnite and then select graphics. All options will appear on the screen and you need to select “Low” Settings. 

Low Resolution in Fortnite saves battery

3. Remove all the apps opened in the Background

This is not significant but still is an effective way if we are talking about saving a phone’s battery. You must remove or delete all the apps from the background or who are open in the background. You can do so by opening the “App Switcher” or “Multitasking” screen. Remove all the apps except fortnite and the battery life will become a little bit more efficient. 

4. Decrease the Brightness if Possible

This is not a must-follow tip, it can be followed if you can play fortnite at reduced brightness of your iPhone. Reducing iPhone’s brightness will save the battery life but it will make your game look dull. That’s why you can only follow this tip if you can play fortnite at a little bit of reduced brightness as well. 

5. Enable “Low Power Mode” in Fortnite

A lot of you may don’t know that there is a “Low Power Mode” option available in the Fortnite. You can enable this mode to save battery consumption by fortnite. To enable this option go to “Settings” in fortnite and it will be available at the end of all other options. 

Enable low power mode in fortnite mobile

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All these tips are enough, if you follow them all then you will notice a significant impact on the battery consumption of your iPhone or any other device on which you are playing fortnite. 

If you have suggestions or some tips you want to share then comment them in the comment box below. 

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