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How to Save Battery While Playing PUBG on iPhone

Learn How to Save Battery While Playing PUBG on iPhone. PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending multiplayer iOS games. And is also one with the high-end graphics and super heavy load for an iPhone. Because of the high-end graphics and incredible user experience, PUBG Mobile drains an iPhone’s battery faster than any other game. 

If you want to know about how to reduce the battery consumption while playing PUBG on your iPhone then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you some proven tips and if you follow them then your iPhone’s battery will not drain that much quicker. Now let’s go through the whole article below. 

After Fortnite, which is also as popular as PuBG Mobile, PUBG is supposed to be the game with the highest load on an iPhone. If you want to save your iPhone’s battery then you need to reduce that load, and I will tell you how. 

Before that, if you want to know how to save battery while playing Fortnite on an iPhone, then click on the linked text present above to see our article on that topic. 

Now let’s come back to our PUBG Mobile, you can change some settings on your iPhone as well as in PUBG Mobile to make it light in load for your iPhone. And this will save battery while Playing LUBG Mobile as well. 

If you follow all the tips mentioned below then only you will see a significant impact on the battery life of your iPhone. Now Without wasting time let’s go through these tips as stated below. 

Tips to Save Battery while playing PUBG Mobile on iPhone

The following are the tips which you will not get anywhere on the internet at the time this article is written. I recommend you to follow all of them because they all can be followed by anyone easily, and then you will notice that your iPhone’s battery will not drain as quickly as now. 

Change the Framerate in PUBG Mobile

The framerate, which makes a game smoother and makes it look fast need to change. It consumes the majority of the battery of your iPhone. As high the frame rate is, the more battery is consumed, so we need to change the settings of framerate and select “low” framerate options.

Low framerate to save battery of iPhone in PUBG

To do so go to “Settings” in PUBG Mobile, then select the “Graphics” option, and then under “Framerate”, select “Low” option. 

Turn on Low Power Mode on iPhone

There is a “Low Power Mode” available on all iPhone running on iOS 11 or later iOS versions. It might be available on your iPhone as well. Before starting PUBG Mobile on your iPhone, enable this mode and it will save some battery of your iPhone.

Enable Low Power mode in iPhone to save battery

To enable it to go to Settings of your iPhone, then scroll down and select the “Battery” option. Now you will see “Low Power Mode” enable it. 

Change Graphics of PUBG Mobile

This is also the most important part of PUBG Mobile which consumes your iPhone’s battery. The majority of people don’t know that they can change the graphic resolution such as “HD, HDR” settings in PUBG Mobile. If you want to save the battery of your iPhone while playing PUBG Mobile then you first need to change these settings to “Low”. Yes, there is an option under Graphics which is named “Low”, if you select it then PUBG Mobile will drain less battery of your iPhone. Along with that, the graphics will become a little bit lower. Don’t worry you can select the “Balanced” option in which graphics are good, and it will save battery as well. 

Low the graphics to save battery consumption by PUBG

To change graphics in PUBG Mobile, go to Settings in PUBG, then select the “Graphics” category and the under “Graphics” select “Balanced” or “Low” option. 

Use Wifi instead of Mobile or Cellular Data

It might not be possible for all users but will be possible for those who have a wifi connection as well. If you play PUBG Mobile using a Wifi connection instead of using your Cellular data or Mobile data then you will see a dramatic reduction in the battery consumption of PUBG Mobile. Because the majority of the battery of an iPhone is consumed by the Cellular Data. If you will use wifi then the battery used by Cellular data will be saved.

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That’s all, these were the tips if used by anyone then they will save the battery used by an iPhone while playing PUBG Mobile on it. 

If you follow all of these tips then you will see a huge change in the rate your iPhone’s battery is drained. 

And if you have any suggestions for this article then tell us by commenting on them in the comment box below. 

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