Apple removes beats webpage from the website before the October 13 Event

Apple Removes Beats webpage from Website before October 13 Event

It is spotted that the Beats official webpage is removed from the apple website ahead of the “Hi-Speed” launch event which is going to take place on October 13.

Beats is a subsidiary of Apple, and Apple was selling and promoting the Beats products wherever possible such as on their official website, on their Apple Store app. 

But Apple just removed the landing page of beats from their website, and it was removed between October 3rd – 9th as mentioned by Apple Terminal.

This shows that we can expect new audio accessories by Apple on this October 13 High-speed Launch event. Rumors were that apple is designing overhear headphones which will be called “Airpods Studio”, and they were rumored to release at the end of this year.

Before the launch of the Apple watch in 2015, apple was selling “Fitbit”, and they stopped selling Fitbit in 2014. From this we can be confident that Apple is going to launch “Airpods Studio”, and the launch date can be the October 13 Apple launch event.

The removal of the Beats official page shows us that Apple is considering coming into this space and we can expect the “Airpods Studio” to be unveiled officially at October 13 event. Apple may have thought that promoting the Beats would not be right for them if they want to do Apple branding on the new “Airpods Studio” headphones.

Maybe the page is just removed temporarily due to some technical issues or may they want to change something about the page, but the possibility is that it is removed permanently.

Apple removes beats webpage from the website before the October 13 Event
Apple removes beats webpage from the Website before the October 13 Event

Now if anyone goes to that page it shows “The page not found” error on the apple website, the link to that page is:-

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