What is Google Stadia Price

Google Stadia’s Price isn’t Confirmed Yet

What is Google Stydia Price?

Google Stadia’s Price isn’t Confirmed Yet. As most of us know that “Google Stadia” a Cloud Gaming Platform had been confirmed by Google in the Gaming Developer’s Conference 2019.

After the spokesperson of Google had introduced and shown the demo of Google Stadia, Then a lot of questions had been arising in the mind of people. Such as what will be the Price? Release Date? and a lot of other questions.

First, I will tell about the Price of using this Google Stadia – a Cloud Gaming Platform.

What is Google Stadia Price?

Google Stadia’s Price isn’t Confirmed yet by Google. But will be confirmed when it will be released and be available for use.

What is Google Stadia Price
What is Google Stadia Price

But if we think logically, that Google is launching this new Google Stydia to Beat the companies like Sony and Microsoft who are offering Gaming Consoles, Then we can estimate the Price around which the Subscription plan of Google Stadia will be.

Sony is offering it’s “PlayStation Plus” for playing online games and also giving access to playing some games without physically buying them at $59 US dollars for a Year. Yes, near about $60 Dollars a Year. If Google wants to Compete with them in gaming platform then Google Might come with a Price Below than $60 US dollars for a year.

And Monthly Subscription of Google Stadia may be near about $20 US Dollars.

Now let’s talk about the Release date of Google Stadia.

Google Stadia Release Date:-

As Like Price, Exact Date of Google Stadia isn’t confirmed yet but it will be released in End of 2019 in the following countries:- USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.

Google Stadia Release date
Google Stadia Release date

And in other countries, it may be released in 2020 if it becomes successful.

Other Questions about Google Stadia:-

Below are some questions which might be rising in your mind about Google Stadia. And these questions are answered as simply as they can.

Is Google’s Stadia Controller Mandatory for Playing on Google Stydia Platform?

Google Said it is not mandatory to use Google’s Controller for playing games on Google Stydia Platform. One can use any other Controller or a Keyboard as well.

Google Stadia Controller
Google Stadia Controller


On which Devices it will be available?

It will be available on all type of devices. It will be available for Laptops, Android Phones, and iOS devices as well. Google also confirms the Cross-Play of online games on different devices.

In which Resolution Google Stadia will Play Games?

Google Confirms that Google Stydia will be the first Cloud Gaming Platform which will offer the 4K resolution of games also. So, it is really an incredible thing to experience 4K streaming of Games.

You can Watch Full Google Stadia Launch EVENT:-



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