iOS 13 Beta 7 changes

What’s changes occured in iOS 13 Beta 7

Get to know about iOS 13 Beta 7 Changes, bugs & New Features. iOS 13 is one of the most awaited iOS versions, bringing a lot of changes to previous iOS 12’s features. As we all know that iOS 13 Beta 7 had been launched by apple recently, which contains some new features along with several changes.

If you want to know about the changes in iOS 13 Beta 7 in detail, then you are at right place. Because in this article I will tell you about every change in iOS 13 Beta 7 which you may notice or may ignore. So, go through the whole article presented below to know about these changes and new features.

And if you want to know about how to download iOS 13 developer Beta 7 then we have an article on that topic as well. You can look at that article by clicking on the above linked (underlined) text.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the major changes, and then changes which are minor in the new iOS 13 Beta 7. This is developer beta for which you need a paid developer account, but still, there are some ways of downloading iOS 13 Developer beta profile for free. Download iOS 13 Beta Profile for free by clicking here.

Changes in iOS 13 Beta 7

Below are the changes that occurred in iOS 13 Beta 6. Majority of the changes mentioned below might be ignored by the users of iOS 13 Beta 7, so you will be the lucky one to know them before others. And if you are interested in knowing how to download iOS 13 Beta without a computer then click here.

New Update completed Screen

When you will download iOS 13 Beta 7 Software Update, then after the initial restart, you will see a screen with the head “Update Complete”. And a text like “Software Update Successful, you have to follow a few steps…” This text will appear when you updated your iOS device’s software to iOS 13 Beta 7.

first change in iOS 13 beta 7
first, change in iOS 13 beta 7

“Unlocked” Text returned in Beta 7

Some of you who had downloaded iOS 13 Beta 5 and 6 may have noticed that the “Unlocked” text which appears at top of the lock screen was removed. But in new Beta 7, that text is returned. Now you will be able to see when your iPhone is unlocked with Touch ID and you can press the home button.

3D touching at a Notification is Faster

In iOS 13 Beta 7, whenever you 3d touch a notification from home screen, you will notice that it prompts faster as compared with previous iOS 13 Betas. It seems that Apple is bringing back the dying 3d touch to iOS 13 Beta 7.

faster 3d in iOS 13 beta 7
Faster 3d in iOS 13 beta 7 at notification

New Dark Appearance Widget for Control Centre

Dark mode or Dark appearance was one of the major features that iOS 13 had to bring. In iOS 13 Beta 7, you will be now able to turn on/ off dark appearance from the control center. A new Widget is being added for control center. You need to enable it by going to Settings > Control Centre > Customize Controls and then find the Dark Appearance from the list and add it to your Control Centre.

Change 4 in iOS 13 beta 7
Change 4 in iOS 13 beta 7

Haptic Feedback while changing Volume

Removal of the old Volume Hub or animation that appears in the middle of the screen when changing the volume of the iPhone was removed in the first iOS 13 Beta. But this time in this new beta 6, Apple had added haptic feedback that you usually get while pressing the home button in iPhone 7 or 8. Such haptic feedback is being added in iOS 13 Beta 7.

Enable/ Disable Controls of Control Centre with 3D touch

In all previous iOS versions such as iOS 12 or iOS 13 previous Betas, if you 3D touch any Control or option of Control Centre then nothing happens except haptic feedback. But if you do the same in iOS 13 Beta 6 then the option or Control on which you are 3D touching will enable and can be disabled by doing same.

Tapping 3 Fingers on the screen will bring Cut, Copy and Paste options (Maybe a Bug)

I don’t know why, but if you tap with 3 fingers on the home screen or lock screen, then a bar filled with options will appear at top of the screen. These options are Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. options. And these options will stop appearing when you again tap with three fingers. The same thing happens on the Lock screen and Home screen as well.

new options appear at top of screen
new options appear at top of the screen

Enlarged apps in 3D touch

As I told above, Apple is doing improvements in 3D touch which was once predicted to removed in early iOS 13 Betas. For this purpose, as apple had brought faster feedback when 3D touching apps, now the size of 3D touched apps is increased. You can notice this in the following image as the size of the “Settings” app is increased when 3D touch is applied to it.

Notifications Badges hide behind 3D touch platter (A Bug in iOS 13 beta 7)

A lot of changes had been made with 3D touch in iOS 13 Beta 7. Some of them are told in the above paragraphs, another one is about notification badges. In old iOS software whenever you 3D touch an app with notification badge, the badge pop-ups above the 3D touch platter. But in this new iOS 13 Beta, such badges hide behind the 3D touch options.

White 3D touch platter in Dark Mode as well (Major Bug in iOS 13 beta 7)

When the dark mode is enabled and you are 3D touching an app then the 3D touch platter will appear black in all iOS 13 Betas. But in iOS 13 Beta 7 it is removed, now the 3D touch platter is in white color, no matter, dark mode is enabled or not. This is not a change but is a mistake by Apple, and is supposed to be fixed in later iOS 13 Beta.

“X” is reflecting the background

While rearranging the apps in iOS 13 Beta 7, the greyish color of X is no longer there. Now the “X” present at the top left corner of each app is reflecting the color of the background. You can see this change in the image below where iOS 13 Beta 5 and Beta 7 are compared.

No More rounded Screenshots

In iOS 13 Betas, you might have noticed that the screenshots are rounded from the corners which are technically true for iPhone X, Xs, and Xr. But in iOS 13 Beta 7 it has been fixed and if you take a screenshot in iOS 13 Beta 7 then the round corners are automatically filled with pixels.

White border added to Zoom icon in Camera

When taking photos in iOS 13 Beta 7, you will notice that a white border is added to Zoom icon. That zoom icon usually appears in the bottom part of the screen. Previously it contained no border at all, but in iOS 13 Beta 7 as you can see below. A border appears around it which is white-colored.

App Update Preview appears Smaller

In the app store, when you 3D touch an app who needs to be updated then a small preview appears. That app preview is being dwindled in the iOS 13 Beta 7. It now looks cool as in previous iOS 13 Beta it was almost covering the whole screen.

Live Wallpaper Controls are now Brighter

In iOS 13 Beta 7, if you are changing the wallpaper and that wallpaper is a live wallpaper from Settings. Then you will notice that options such as “Set” or “Cancel” are brighter in iOS 13 Beta 7 which were a little bit dull in iOS 13 Beta 5 as illustrated in the image below as well.

3D touch Preview Shrunken

When you go to 3D & Haptic touch settings in iOS 13 Beta 7 then you will notice that the image for checking 3D touch is being shrunk. In iOS 13 Beta 5 and earlier versions it was large as compared to a small one in iOS 13 Beta 7.

So, that’s were the changes in iOS 13 Beta 7. There may few more minor changes which are not listed in the above list because the changes not mentioned above are not meant as much the above listed are.

In addition, if you want to know about downloading iOS 13 Public beta profile then check it out:- How to download iOS 13 Public Beta.

If you want to know about who discovered all the changes then I am not the lucky one. Credit for all the changes listed above and for the images goes to “Everything Apple Pro”. Which is a Youtube channel?

Check out the full video of these changes (Credit):-

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