iOS 14 Contains a Hidden Feature named “Back Tap”

iOS 14 is one of the most huge iOS updates which is bringing a lot of newer features and the majority of them were first available to android devices, and now they also are coming to iOS devices with the iOS 14 Software Update.

But there is a secret new feature in iOS 14 which everyone should know, and I don’t know why apple didn’t talk about it in the WWDC 2020. In this article, I will tell you what “Back Tap” feature is and how you can use this feature on your iOS device running iOS 14.

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Now let’s talk about what exactly the “Back Tap” feature is?

What is iOS 14 “Back Tap”?

“Back Tap” in iOS 14 is a feature in Settings that allows you to perform an action on your iPhone by just tapping on the back of it. You can change what your iPhone will do if you double-tap its Back, although by default it opens Control Center. To use this feature you just need to double-tap on the back of your iPhone and your iPhone will perform an action such as open the control center or enables the Siri.

It is the first time that Apple had to bring a feature related to hardware with a new Software Update. And it is also a sign that how much optimized the iOS 14 will be as it can even know that you are tapping on the back of your iPhone.

The Back tap settings are customizable, you can tell your iPhone running on iOS 14, what to do when you double-tap, or a triple tap on the back of it. And I will tell you how you can customize this setting.

How to change Back Tap in iOS 14

The following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to change or customize the back tap settings on your iPhone. In this way, you can choose what your iPhone will do when you double-tap on it’s back.

1. Go to the Settings app of your iPhone.

2. Scroll Down and you will find “Accessibility”, tap on it.


3. Find the “Touch” option which will be available somewhere, select it when you find it.

Tap on Touch to change iOS 14 Back Tap settings

4. Scroll all the way down and you will see the “Back Tap” option, tap on it.

Back Tap

5. Now you can choose what your iPhone will do when you double-tap or Triple-tap it’s back.

Double Tap

6. Tap on “Double-tap”, then choose the output you want from your iPhone when you double-tap it’s back.

Change Double Tap Settings

In this way, you can change the Back Tap settings on an iPhone running on iOS 14. I hope now you know all about the Back Tap feature which iOS 14 contains, and if you have any queries about it then you can comment them in the comment box below.

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