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How to Download iPlayTV for Free on iPhone

Learn How to Download iPlayTV for Free on iPhone. iPlaytv, one of the best apps to watch TV shows and movies, is available for iOS devices. Although a lot of people don’t know any way to download iPlayTV on iPhone, there are several ways of downloading iPlayTV on the iPhone for free.

You might know about iPlay TV? Aren’t You?, if not then iPlayTV is basically an app which gives you access to about 60+ TV channels. You can watch any one channel at any time the thing you just need is the internet and iPlayTV on your iPhone. All popular US channels like HBO, CBN, FOX, etc. are available in this app.

So, this is worth downloading the app, but the annoying thing about this app is Advertisements. Whenever you play a channel in this alp, an add will appear on the screen which you need to see for 5 seconds or sometimes for 1-3 seconds only.

Now we shall start the steps of downloading iPlayTV on iPhones. Before telling you about how to download iPlayTV on iPhone, as I mentioned above that there are several ways of downloading iPlayTV on iPhone, I had told 2 different methods of doing so. Yes, in this article I had told two most reliable and easy methods which can be used in downloading the iPlayTV app on iPhone.

Without wasting any second let’s have a look at the first method of downloading iPlayTV on iPhone as stated below.

iPlayTV Free Download on iPhone

Below are the steps about how to download iPlayTV on iPhone by using the first method. This method is quite easy, but if it seems difficult to you then you can have a look at the alternative method stated after this method.

1. First of all download “CokernutX” in your iPhone, the download link is:-

2. After clicking on the above link, you will be redirected to the official site of “Cokernutx” from where you will be able to download “Cokernutx” on your iPhone.


3. When downloading completed, you might be not able to open Cokernutx because it is a third-party application. So to open it up Go to Settings > General > Profiles and then trust the app developer as shown below.

How to trust an app on iOS

4. Now open up the Cokernutx app and you will see a whole world of apps, as it is similar to App Store and a lot of apps are available for download in it. You just need to tap on the Search button present at the bottom right corner.


5. Then Search “iPlayTV” in the search bar, and you will see “iPlayTV” available for download in the search results.

Search iPlayTV

6. You will able to download it by just clicking on the download button.

Install iPlayTV iPhone

It’s that easy, the first method of downloading iPlayTV is quite easy. In case you find it difficult then you can use the second or alternative method of downloading iPlayTV on iPhone as stated below.

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Download iPlay TV on iPhone

Following is the alternative method of downloading iPlayTV on iPhone, if you find the method stated above is difficult for you to follow.

1. At first download an app named “Pandahelper”, you can download it using this link:-

2. After downloading Pandahelper using the above link, you will not able to open it up by just clicking on it. To open it up go to Settings > General > Profiles and then trust all developer.

How to trust an app on iOS

3. When you trusted the app developer then open up the Pandahelper and you will see its interface is similar to the App Store. Tap on the search bar present at the top of the screen.

Search iPlayTV

4. Search “iPlayTV” in that search bar and in the search results “iPlayTV” will appear for download. Click on the “install” button to install it.

Download iPlayTV

In this way, you will be able to download iPlayTV on your iPhone, and if you find any of the methods above difficult or not working, then comment on your problem in the comment box below.

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And if you want to know about the list of channels available on iPlayTV, then it is available below.

List of Channels available in iPlayTV

  • FX,
  • Fox,
  • Freeform,
  • MTV,
  • Starz,
  • CBS,
  • Food Network,
  • AMC,
  • Hallmark,
  • Showtime,
  • HGTV,
  • NBC,
  • HBO,
  • OWN,
  • Bet,
  • Paramount Network,
  • Lifetime,
  • Syfy,
  • Bravo,
  • The CW,
  • TrueTV,
  • TLC,
  • TNT,
  • Golf Channel,
  • ESPN,
  • NHL Now,
  • ESPN 2,
  • CNBC,
  • FOX Sports,
  • SKY Sport Football,
  • Tbs,
  • NBC Sport,
  • CNN,
  • NBA TV,
  • History HD,
  • National Geographic,
  • FOX News,
  • Disney,
  • Cartoon Network

All the channels listed above and some others are also available in the iPlayTV.

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