Apple Arcade Upcoming Game Warp Drive

‘Warp Drive – Teleport Racing!’ is the Upcoming Apple Arcade game

Apple Arcade will get a new game in its list named “Warp-Drive Teleport Racing”, the developer of this game is Supergonk. This is a racing game with a new and unique concept, and it will also support the multiplayer feature.

The unique concept this game contains is “Teleportation”, which will allow players to teleport within the game. There are some hidden shortcuts or hidden routes in the race tracks of this game, and the racers who find these shortcuts will get an advantage in the game. 

How do we know that Warp-Drive is the Upcoming Apple Arcade Game?

Apple uploaded the following post on the official Apple Arcade Handle on Twitter.

This feature allows players to jump huge gaps in the game and getting an enormous advantage over their opponents. Warp Drive will be a new retro-style racing game in Apple Arcade. 

The official site of the developer of this game says:-

Warp Drive introduces a completely new, never-before-seen mechanic to the core of the racing experience: teleporting around the track (called “warping”) to reach different areas! This new warp mechanic is fundamental to the way the game operates, allowing players to easily jump enormous gaps, drive on the ceiling, and overtake their opponents in unexpected ways! The best players will use creativity as they drive to plan the perfect route, optimizing their shortcut selection and chaining together pickups to be the fastest!

Supergonk (Warp-Drive Developer)

The exact release date of this game is not yet confirmed but it is rumored to be released at the starting of November month.

Source:- Apple Arcade Twitter account

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