Best Apple Arcade games

Best 30 Apple Arcade Games that You Must Try in 2020

Apple Arcade, the revolutionary gaming service provided by Apple, is leading today’s gaming industry with over 100+ exclusive games. Although all of the games in Apple Arcade are unique in their own way, finding the best out of them is pretty difficult.

If you are an iOS gamer and have subscribed to Apple Arcade, then you definitely want to get the worth out of it. Because you had paid for it or maybe using the free trial. In this article, I will let you know about the 30 best Apple arcade games or at least which are better than others.

No matter which type of games do you loves to play, as all kinds of games; puzzle, adventure, action, etc. are included. Our team had played over 50+ apple arcade games and then list and ranked these games from 1-30.

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The games are categorized according to their type. And a description of the game is also written down with every game.

Best Apple Arcade Games

Below are the top 30 apple arcade games which are quite intriguing and anyone can become addicted to these games. Some of them are for action game lovers, some for puzzle game lovers and some for those who like to play adventure games. So, there are games for every taste. Direct app store links are not included, so you need to search it on the app store.

The games are categorized according to their domain such as adventure, action, and puzzle.

Now without wasting time lets have a look at the whole list of the top best Apple Arcade games which you will definitely like.

NOTE:- The games listed in this article are on the basis of their gameplay, any one of the games listed here is not sponsoring this article.

Best Adventure Apple Arcade games

The following are the games particularly made for adventurous journeys. If you love open-world games or games in which you have to explore different worlds then all the games listed under this category are going to be your favorite games. Without wasting any second, go through the whole list of games mentioned below. And if you have any doubts about any game then comment it down in the comment box present at the end of this article.

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is a role-playing game for adventure lovers, it is an open world action-adventure game. In this game, you will be on a quest where you will fight with a lot of different enemies. You will be on a magical journey full of challenges. What you will do is fighting, solving and exploring. There are some challenges that solely depend on your thinking. Fight with bosses and test your reflex and combat skills by playing ocean horn 2, the best RPG adventure game made for iOS devices.

best apple arcade game ocean horn 2
ocean horn 2

The graphics of this game is the most fascinating thing about this game. It is around 2GB heavy and can only be found on the Apple Arcade.

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You can watch the trailer of ocean horn 2 in the above youtube video uploaded by Apple.

Shinsekai into the Depths

Shinsekai into the depths is a first-ever undersea exploration game made for mobile devices, in particular, the iPhones. This is an adventure game where you will the only man in the deep sea finding your way out of it. Explore the undersea world and collect different power-ups, which help you to upgrade your suit, make weapons and increase the oxygen capacity of your suite.

Best adventure apple arcade game into the depths
Shinsekai into the depths

This game is developed by “Capcom”, and the sound effects of this game are developed using the audio recorded really during diving into the sea.

Hot Lava

Hot lava is for those who love survival games. Unlike other apple arcade games, this is not an exclusive game. It was available for PC in the past and now is available in Apple Arcade. In this game, you need to survive by jumping over some objects as the whole floor is filled with lava. The game developers said that this game brings back the childhood imagination where different locations like school, playground, etc. are full of lava and you need to run, jump and climb to save your player.

Apple Arcade game hot lava
Apple Arcade game hot lava

You can check out the trailer of this game uploaded at the launch of Apple Arcade on youtube by apple by clicking on the video link above.

Skate City

Skate City is one of the apple arcade games which are popular for its simple controls. If you do not know how to skate? then don’t worry just download skate city where you will find different streets to skate. It is an endless skating game in which you can just chill around or can complete challenges to level-up your character. There are also some stunts which you can do in this game no matter, you know about stunts or not.

Skate city apple arcade
Skate city apple arcade

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There are also some unique features such as in-game recording which you can share with your friends to show off your gaming skills. And another feature is snapping, by using which you capture your best stunts or tricks of skateboard with your friends on social media.

Frogger in Toy Town

Explore the whole world as a frog in the Frogger city in toy town. This game is the best family game which is most popular among kids. Simple tap and swipe controls make it more simple to play for the non-gamers as well. This is the only game among the games of apple arcade which can be played on the portrait as well as landscape screen modes. You can unlock over 20 different costumes to customize your frog.

Frogger best apple arcade
Frogger one of the best apple arcade games

If you have a younger brother then this is a must-play game for him. Download and enjoy this game if you don’t want to play action or fighting games.

Sonic Racing

Sonic Racing as the name suggests is a racing game. The unique thing about this game is that it is a multiplayer game. You can compete with tour friends as well by creating your own party in the game. There are different power-ups that make the racing more interesting. Every time you race you will find a different track, as there are about 6 different and unique racing tracks in this game.

Sonic racing (Apple Arcade games)
Sonic racing (Apple Arcade games)

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If you had played other sonic games then you need to play this as well because like other games it is adventurous as well.

Lego Brawls

Lego Brawls is the only exclusive Lego game available in the Apple Arcade. This is a multiplayer game in which up to 10 players can compete at the same time. In this game, you need to make your own Brawl which can make your team win the battle. There are different areas where you can battle, such as Ninjago, Castle and Pirate arenas. Design your hero and build powerups using bricks in the game.

Lego brawls apple arcade
Lego brawls apple arcade

This game is perfect for those who love multiplayer games as 10 players at the same time can play.

Way of the Turtle

Way of the turtle is an adventure game full of actions. In this game, you will find two turtles on an island and that island is full of evil magic, monsters. You need to reunite stranded on that tropical island. Find turtle shells which will help you to evolve your turtle. Different shells give different abilities to turtles such as unique attacks and some even give powers to defend against enemies.

The way of the turtle (Apple Arcade)
The way of the turtle (Apple Arcade)

If you love to play adventure games or you are an animal lover, download this game right now!

Apple arcade’s best action games

Now you know about the best adventure games included in the apple arcade, its time to know about the best action games available in the apple arcade. The following games are of different types but include action in common. Have a look at these action games and download them if you love them.

Agent intercept

Agent intercept is one of the best racing-action games available in the arcade. In this game, you will not get a chance to drive a car, but also different vehicles such as a ship because your mission in this game is to kill the boss of the underworld. You are a spy and you get information about that boss that he has stolen some top-secret information which is dangerous for the whole world.

Apple Arcade game agent intercept
Apple Arcade game: Agent intercept

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This game comes with super simple controls which make this game easy to play for those also who don’t play games on a daily basis.


Shockrods is a multiplayer action game, where you need to shoot others in a cart which is named Shockrod. One has to shoot other players and save his own Shockrod from being shot by others. Up to 12 players can play a multiplayer match in this game. You can customize your Shockrod and can upgrade it in a way you want. Like other multiplayer shooting games, this game also includes different game modes such as deathmatch, team match, capture the flag and so on.

Shockrods (best apple arcade games)
Shockrods (best apple arcade games)

This game is just launched on the Apple Arcade and is becoming quite popular. Download and play this game with your friends as up to 12 players can play in the same battleground.

Redout: Space Assault

Dive into the most epic space fight in Redout: space assault. In this game, you will be controlling a whole spaceship and will fight with aliens. It is the best action game where you are a pilot of a spaceship that needs to knock down the rebel drones or planes. The most amazing thing about this game is its most exotic and thriving worlds. There are a lot of different worlds in which you can fight with fighters or drones.

Redout space assault apple arcade
Redout space assault apple arcade

Love shooting games? then you need to download this game right now!

Super Impossible Road

Super impossible road is a multiplayer racing apple arcade game. Up to 8 players can race online on the same race track. And these tracks are full of twists as they are built-in space. You will not drive a car or bike, instead, there are different kind of fictional vehicles from the future which looks like a barrel to race on with. This is personally my favorite game, so please give a try to this game by trusting me.

Super impossible road
Super impossible road

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If you love to play racing games then just download it without thinking much, you will definitely like this game.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara wild hearts is the most fascinating game available for download on iOS devices. There is a danger to your life and you need to save yourself by driving your bike as fast as you can. In this game, you will be exposed to realistic sound effects and the controls are pretty simple. The drawback of this game is that it is not that hard to play. Users who want to play games that are hard and interesting then this is not for them.

Those who just want to play for enjoyment can download and play this game, as this is enjoyable rather than a hard, horrible action game.

Towaga: Among Shadows

Towaga Among shadows is one of the most popular action apple arcade games. You need to combat the darkness in this game and find the light in you. The game includes a magical world full of mysteries which is a part of your journey. The graphics of the game are realistic and you will not believe that this is a mobile game, as it looks like a console game. You will complete the game as soon as you get to know about how to use light within you to overcome the darkness in Towaga: Among shadows.

Towaga best action apple arcade games
Towaga best action apple arcade games

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Action game lovers need to play this game. This is a must-have game for them and if you love to compete for hard levels.

Punch Planet

Punch planet is a multiplayer fighting game. You need to fight with our opponent with different weapons in this 2D sci-fi game. There are different modes you can try; survival mode, versus mode and training mode as well. You can choose one from 6 playable characters and there are 4 unique stages to compete on with friends in multiplayer mode. This game is one of the best competitive fighting games available in the apple arcade subscription.

Punch planet (Apple Arcade games)
Punch planet (Apple Arcade games)

If you love to play fighting games like “Teken” then this is something you can’t miss.


Decoherence is the latest apple arcade game that is just launched by apple to attract more customers towards the apple arcade. It is a sci-fi multiplayer game full of action. You are a pilot and can play PvP battles to test your gaining skills in this game. You are not alone in this game, there are bots which assist you in fights, you can customize your bots and can assign specific commands to them which will be beneficial to you. This game is famous for its unpredictability, every time you play or compete in this game you will find different martial skills showed by the in-game enemies.

Decoherence apple arcade games
Decoherence apple arcade

If you love in the predictability of a game then this game is worth playing for you. Just go to the app store now and download it.

Hyperbrawl Tournament

Hyperbrawl tournament is a multiplayer sports game that is unique in its own way. This game is based on football, but you need to use different weapons to kill your enemies during every football match. Winning a goal is not that simple as all the players are equipped with weapons and using these weapons is legal in the game because there are no rules in the hyperbrawl tournament. The football courts are built-in space and there is timing as well to make match finish fast.

Apple Arcade games hyperbrawl tournament
Apple Arcade hyperbrawl tournament

If you want to try something different in apple arcade then this is the most unique game you can find in the apple arcade.

Cricket Through the ages

Cricket through the ages as the name suggests is a cricket game. But it is not an ordinary cricket game, a lot of power-ups are included and this is not that simple to play as you think. This can be played with friends as well because it is a multiplayer game. Up to 2 players can compete with each other at the same time and your cricket knowledge is not necessarily needed to win a match in this game. The whole game is based on the laws of physics and you will find it quite difficult to become an expert in this game. There are 6 different game modes, at least you will like one of then.

Apple arcade games (Cricket through ages)
Cricket through ages

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The controls are simple, you can easily get into the game. So, least give a try to this game and then tell us in the comments what you like the most in this game.

The Pinball Wizard

The pinball wizard is not like a classic pinball game. It is a 3D pinball game in which you have control over the pinball. You need to find a way out of different pinball rooms. The twist in the game is that there is not pinball instead of it there is a wizard that you are controlling. The goal of the game is to survive and reach the top of the pinball tower as soon as you can.

Apple arcade the pinball wizard
The pinball wizard (Apple Arcade)

If you had played pinball classic then you will like this modified version of it as well.

Apple Arcade’s best puzzle games

Do you love solving Puzzles? Then all the games listed below are going to be drugs for you because they all are addictive. All the games mentioned below are different from each other, just the puzzle category is common among them. Don’t forget to try at least one of them, though if you do not love puzzle games.

Assemble with care

Assemble with care is the most knowledgeable game on the app store. In this game, you will get a chance to assemble or fix different objects such as telephone, camera, speaker, radio and so on. This is the most interesting puzzle game from the all puzzle game available in the apple arcade. The visuals of this game are engaging and the puzzles are named as the meaningful puzzles by the game developer.

Assemble with care (Apple Arcade)
Assemble with care (Apple Arcade)

If you want to become a mechanic or mechanical engineer who assembles the electronic products then this game can help you in teaching you in a playful way.


Stela is the most adventurous and mysterious game available on the e arcade. Stela is a woman in the game who is having a few days in her life left. And during that period of time, she discovers a new world full of adventures and that world is named as the ent world in the game. If you love adventure games then this game is only for you.

Stela (Apple Arcade games)
Stela (Apple Arcade games)

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This is one of the heaviest Apple Arcade games as it is over 3.7GB in Storage. By this, you can imagine how much rich graphics this game includes.

Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler

As from the name one can predict that Hexaflip is a puzzle game. This game is easy to play because of its simple controls but still hard to master. Yes, it’s developers said that one cannot become an expert in this game easily, as the puzzles are based on timing and thinking. The controls are intuitive, you just need yo swipe left and right. There are more than 60 levels split into 6 different worlds, so you can’t easily complete the whole game.

Best Apple arcade games- Hexaflip
Hexaflip_ best puzzle apple arcade game

If you are a puzzle lover and solver then test your skills by playing this game. It is the toughest puzzle solver game according to its developer team.


The tint is a relaxing puzzle apple arcade game. In this game, you need to solve puzzles by mixing different colors. Yes, by mixing colors. There are about 50 levels and one level can be solved in different ways. You need to mix colors to make a tone similar to what is given to you. There are incredible sounds for each color in the game to help vision-impaired people to play this game as well.

Puzzle apple arcade games (Tint)
Tint (Puzzle apple arcade game)

If painting is your hobby then this game is only made for you. Just go to the app store and download this game now.


Spaceland is a strategy game based on turns. You will get a turn to attack and when it’s opponent turn then you can do nothing. Land on a planet and fight with monsters along with your resistant team. Solve different mysteries and upgrade your guns and equipment to make your player stronger. There are more than 20 different enemies to compete with including dangerous animals, aliens, and monsters.

Spaceland (Best apple arcade games)
Apple Arcade- Spaceland

Love to play strategy games, then give a try to this game maybe this becomes your favorite game.

Red Reign

Red reign is another most popular strategy game but this is a multiplayer game as well. Two players can compete with each other with their armies and can conquer the enemies’ castle. One can play it online or Bluetooth multiplayer is available as well. This is the only apple arcade game that can be played with only Bluetooth connectivity. There are different 20 types of troops which if placed in a precise way can make you win the battle.

Red Reign apple arcade
Red Reign apple arcade

For strategy game lovers, this is heaven, as they can compete with their friends in real-time strategy based battles.

The Enchanted World

The enchanted world is a beautiful puzzle game including tile sliding features. You need to guide a fairy in a delightful environment full of puzzles and challenges to piece the world back together. There are about 9 different worlds which you will go through in this journey and 30 different levels. The audio of the game is groundbreaking and thus headphones are recommended to enjoy this game. The visual animations of the enchanted world are the most appreciated thing about this game.

The enchanted world apple arcade
The enchanted world apple arcade puzzle

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This game is only for puzzle solvers who love to solve puzzles.


Inmost is a single-player adventure game where a knight is stuck into the darkness. You need to help that knight to get out of the darkness. The whole game is based on a story, and there are 3 different characters with their own stories. These stories are in your hands, and there is a voice to these stories. This game sports over 15 languages thus you can feel the story more engaging.

Imost best apple arcade game
Inmost Apple Arcade

This game is for those who love to play stories different from their own life stories. One must give a try to this game because by the images it doesn’t look that much interesting.

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

Jenny Leclue detectivu is a mysterious game full of mysteries. Jenny is a small detective girl whose role you will be playing. The mother of jenny was murdered by someone and she is on a journey to find the victim. You can say that this is an adventure and puzzle type of game. The story of Jenny is thrilling, you need to be sharp-minded to find the victim of her mother’s murder. The whole gameplay of this game is built on the mid-20th-century environment.

Best mystery apple arcade game
Best mystery apple arcade game

If you love to watch detective movies then you may like this game which is solely based on a detective story.

Murder Mystery Machine

Murder Mystery Machine is an interactive mystery game where you need to solve different mysteries. Still, only 2 episodes of this game are launched which are really incredible. This game is based on story mode puzzle games in which you play the role of detective. You are not alone in this game, there are two in-game characters which will help you to investigate murders. The game developer said that the whole story or mysteries of this game are written by professional TV writers and story writers. Get into the crime scenes and explore them to find clues against victims.

Murder mystery machine apple arcade
Murder mystery machine apple arcade

This game is solely for puzzle game lovers or for those who love to play detective like games.

Projection: First Light

Projection first light is full of adventures of a girl named Greta. Greta is a girl living in a mythological world of puppets, and Greta herself is a puppet. You play this game as Greta and helps her to explore the world and save him from the enemies which are shadows. There are some irradiate puzzles during this journey. This game is 1.3GB large on the app store and by this, we can get an idea about its graphics.

Apple Arcade games projections
Projections (Apple Arcade)

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If you love to play unique games full of puzzles then this game seems the right choice for you.

For you, we have made a youtube video that includes the top 20 apple arcade games out of these 30.

Top 20 Best Apple Arcade games

So, these were the best apple arcade games which one can’t stop playing. If you want to know anything about apple arcade games then you can comment down your queries in the comment box below.

And if you want to know how to cancel the apple arcade subscription then you can click on the underlined text above.

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