8 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

Technology has made our lives easier. No one can ignore the importance and utility that we have got from technology and advanced apps. Right now, the apps available out there are more than just information or entertainment. These are a life saviour for everyone.

No matter if you are a businessperson, employer, homemaker, social worker or student, there are exceptional apps for you. These apps are helpful and make life easier. Similarly, those students who have to face issues with their students and work management should have a special set of applications.


It is common to be overwhelmed with homework. Sometimes the only possible and correct way to complete an assignment is to order it through an essay writing app by essayshark.com. The company has been working on the market since 2011 and has a huge limit of trust from users all over the world. 

More than 200 professional writers qualified in different fields of studies have already satisfied over 100k customers with an average quality score of 9.6/10, and you won’t be an exception, because they have a 24/7 support ready to help with any query and strong policies which make you feel on a safe side. Don’t hesitate, download the app and make your student life easier.


DropBox is your personalized cloud service option that lets you save files and folders easily online. Moreover, it is possible to share these files directly from the drive. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about losing your data from a hard drive. There is always a backup. It solves several issues that students have to face with their hard drives while working on different assignments.

One Drive

Accessing any cloud service is good when you are working on group projects. It lets you connect with every member at the same time. You can share and save the documents in a single drive and the other members can access these files instantly. There is no need to email the files or work on multiple copies of one file as it can be confusing.


Writing a good paper can be difficult. Many students face issues with their writing abilities for sure. Grammarly is one of the efficient apps that let you cover up all the deficiencies. No matter if you are writing an admission message, homework assignment or a formal email, the app helps you at its best. Using its word plugin or chrome plugins, you can synchronize it to your emails and documents easily. Using the premiums package of the app, you can even check documents for plagiarism.


While working on a research project, citation and referencing seem to be difficult options. With Mendeley, there is no need to worry about it. The automated app lets you record all the sources on the platform. After completing the assignment, you can generate a bibliography easily.

There is no need to write the bibliography manually. The software will do it perfectly in any chosen format from the list. It offers you all the academic citation formats that you would need in any academic program.

Any. do

Most of the students have problems with their task organization. It is hard for them to remember their tasks or manage them well. Any.do is a task organizer that helps you in creating a to-do list. Moreover, it synchronizes this list with many other devices in use. So, you will never forget about the tasks to complete within time.

Moreover, you have the option to change the task priority, add more tasks by typing or even voice recognition as well. You can add the screen widget to access the app in no time.


If you are so forgetful about the tasks and want something that will keep you remaining on deadlines like flash messages, then here it is. The app brings up a newsstand for you with all the deadlines, jobs and tasks. Therefore, every time you will look at the newsstand, you will have a clear idea about what’s happening and what requires your attention.


Scribd is one of the apps that make your life easier and interesting as well. It is the world’s biggest online library. You can find several books, papers, documents and much more here. It reduces your overall time of searching for data.

Just enter your query, and you will get all the most relevant and promising results in response to it. Get the resource material, and you are all set to do your task. The app even lets you share the resources with friends.

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