Where are PDF files stored on iPhone

Where are PDF Files Stored on an iPhone (iOS 13)?

Get to know about Where are PDF Files Stored on an iPhone (iOS 13)? If you are new to iPhone or just haven’t downloaded any PDF files, but now want to know where are PDF files or any other kind of documents saved on an iPhone? Then you are in the right place.

Because in this article, I will tell you about where PDF files are saved on an iPhone and will also tell you how you can save a PDF or any document properly on your iPhone. So, go through the whole article below to know about it in detail. 

In iOS 12, a new default app for iOS devices was released called “Files”. And after that, all the iPhones’ data can be viewed from that app. And if your iPhone is running iOS 13 software then it still works on that software well.

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The majority of the people don’t know exactly how to download and save a file no matter it is a PDF file or other, they don’t know how to save it on their iPhone. 

That’s why I will also tell you about how to save a PDF file on an iPhone and where it is saved. 

So, let’s first have a look at where PDF files are saved on an iPhone. 

Where is PDF you just saved on the iPhone?

Actually, there are two probabilities where a PDF file has been stored or saved. I will talk about both probabilities in this article. And if you don’t remember whether you have saved that file or not then you can check the steps to save a PDF file on an iPhone stated after these probabilities. 

The First Probability

The first possibility is that it is stored in the “Files” app of your iPhone. If you have downloaded PDF from the “Safari” browser then it will be stored in the “Files” app under the “Downloads” section. 

Files saved on iPhone
Files saved on iPhone

To see that PDF file you need to go to the “Files” app of your iPhone, then select the “On My iPhone” category and now you will see the “Downloads” folder. All PDF files downloaded will be stored in that folder on your iPhone. 

PDF Downloaded on iPhone
PDF Downloaded on iPhone

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If you have downloaded a PDF file from elsewhere then you need to check the probability number 2 as stated below. 

The Second Probability 

Another probability is that you have not downloaded the PDF File directly on your iPhone but have “Saved” it as a PDF. And if a file is by default saved as PDF then it is stored in the “Books” app available on iOS devices. 

You need to open up the “Books” app available on your iPhone and the PDF file you have saved will be there if you have saved it properly and in “PDF” format. 

If you don’t find the PDF file you saved in the as told in the above two paragraphs then you might not have saved it. So, for you, I have told you about how to save a PDF file on the iPhone as below. 

How to Save a PDF File on iPhone

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you don’t know how to save a PDF or any other type file on your iPhone or any other iOS device. 

1. Open the PDF file you want to save. 

2. You will see a “Share” button at the top right or bottom corner tap on it. 

Save PDF File on iPhone
Save PDF File on iPhone

3. Then you will see some options, one of them will be “Save To files”, select it. 

Save to Files
Save to Files

4. Now select the place where you want that PDF to be saved and you are done. 

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I hope that you now know how to save a PDF file and are able to see that file on your iPhone. 

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