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Duolingo Hack iOS Download (No Jailbreak)

Learn how to download Duolingo Hack iOS without Jailbreak. Duolingo is one of the most popular Language learning apps. In which one can enjoyably learn a new language with fun.

This app is the most downloaded educational app with over 300 million downloads on the App Store. If you are here it means you are not that much happy by Duolingo, thus want to download Duolingo Hack. To know about how to download Duolingo hack on iOS, go through the whole article presented below.

Although duolingo comes with a lot of benefits and contains a unique way of teaching languages, there are still a few drawbacks of this app.

The major drawback is that you can’t access it without an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection then you can’t use this app. But this drawback can easily be overcome by downloading Duolingo hack on your iOS device.

Duolingo hack features “Offline Use” as well. In which you can use all the features of this app either without internet or on the internet.

Another drawback is the red hearts, which got finished. But in the Duolingo hack, you will get unlimited red hearts.

In case, if you are interested in learning programming languages so then there is another popular app named “Mimo: Learn to Code”. One needs to buy a premium version of “Mimo” to access all its features but you can download it free from:- Download Mimo Premium for free (iOS).

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps which you need to follow if you want to download “Duolingo Hack” on your iOS device as stated below.

Download Duoling Hack (iOS)

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to download duolingo hack for free on your iOS device. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to download it, it works on non-jailbroken devices as well. Follow all the steps and look at the images also in case you find any difficulties while following steps.

1. At first, you have to download an app named “Pandahelper”. To download it you need to go to-

2. After clicking on the above link you will be redirected to a webpage from where you can download pandahelper by clicking on the “Download Now” button.

Download Pandahelper

3. When pandahelper will be downloaded then you may not able to open it up by just clicking on it. Before opening it up you need to “Trust” the third-party developer on your iOS device.

4. For this Go to Settings > General > Profiles and then “Trust” the app developer.

How to trust an app on iOS
How to trust an app on iOS

5. Now open up the “Pandahelper” app from the home screen of your iPhone.

6. Tap on the search bar present at top of the screen and search “Duolingo” in that search bar.

7. In the search results, you will see “Duolingo Hack” available for download. Just tap on “install” button to download this hack in your iOS device.

Duolingo Hack iOS
Duolingo Hack iOS Download

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NOTE:- Before downloading duolingo hack, keep in mind that you have to delete the original or normal “Duolingo” app from your iOS device. Otherwise, Duolingo hack will not work on your iOS device.

Now you know about downloading duolingo hack on your iOS device. But what you may be confused about is the features which are offered by duolingo hack.

To clear your Confusion, I had mentioned the features offered by this hack.

Duolingo Hack features

  • Unlimited health
  • Offline use
  • XP Points hack
  • Infinite hearts

All the above-mentioned features are available in the Duolingo hack, which you can easily download using the above-told steps.

If you face any difficulties while following the above steps then comment them in the comment box below.

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