How to get a virtual home button on iPhone X.

How to get a virtual home button on iPhone X. As you all know that there is no home button present on iPhone X because iPhone X has a bezel-less screen. If you have an iPhone X and if you are missing the home button then don’t worry. You can add a virtual home button on the iPhone X. This is very easy and cool trick or feature. You haven’t need to download an app to use a virtual home button on iPhone X and also you don’t need to buy any accessories also. This feature is available in the Settings app present in your iPhone X. Most of the people who are using an iPhone X probably facing a few difficulties while scrolling their finger or thumb from bottom to top to use the home button. So, I hope you will love the virtual home button. And there is a cool thing that you can place this virtual home button wherever on the screen and whenever you want. You can also remove this virtual home button whenever you want to remove it. I recommend you to don’t to skip any step written below because if you skip any one step then you will probably face a few problems while using this trick. So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps written below.

Steps to add a virtual home button on iPhone X.

1. First of all, go to Settings app present on your iPhone X’s home screen. After that click on General and then Accessibility option.
2. Now scroll down and find “AssistiveTouch” and tap or click on it. After that enable the Assistive Touch.
3. After that click on “Customize level menu” option which will be present in the middle of the screen. Now you will see a “-“ and “+” option on the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on “-“ option which is highlighted in the image below. Keep click on “-“ option until you see the only “Home” button on the Assistive touch menu.
4. Then tap on the assistive touch one time. And you will see the function of assistive touch like a virtual home button. When you tap assistive touch one time then the home screen will open and apps will close. When you press it two times or twice then multitasking screen or app switcher will be open.

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