How to enable “Type to Siri” Mode.

How to Switch to “Type to Siri” Mode. As most of the people know that that What Siri is? who don’t know, I will tell him. Siri is a voice assistant which is available for iOS devices only. There are also many other voice assistants which are available for Android Smartphones example:- Google Assistant is most popular now the days among the people. They both (Siri and Google Assistant) are similar and perform similar functions But the main difference in both of them is that Google Assistant also gives an option or feature by which you can type a command or question to Google Assistant rather than speaking a command or question. Sometimes You may be in a situation where you can’t speak loud and thus you can’t use your Phone’s Voice Assistant such as google assistant or Siri. In such situation, typing is the best option but this feature is not  available on Siri or iOS devices. As most people from you know that the iOS 11 is a huge update and contains a bulk of new features. And there is also a hidden feature named as “Type to Siri” which allows you to type commands or questions to Siri rather than speaking them to the Siri. In Today’s  post, I will tell you that how you can enable this feature on any iOS device running iOS 11. But before that, if you want to know that how “Type to Siri” works then have a look at the article below. And the steps to enable this feature is written below it.

How to Switch to “Type to Siri” Mode.siri

How “Type to Siri” works.

The working of this feature is quite simple and easy. This “Type to Siri” feature allows you to type your question which you want to ask Siri or a command which you want to follow from Siri then Siri will do that. But Siri will not answer your question by speaking, it will answer you by writing it on the screen. You are also thinking that how you can type a question to Siri because there is no any keyboard appear while you turn on Siri by holding the home button. This is also quite easy. When you hold your iPhone’s home button to open or enable Siri then a keyboard will appear on screen as shown in the above image. If you enable this feature then you can’t enable Siri by saying “Hey Siri” to your iPhone because this feature will be automatically disabled on your iPhone. So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the Steps to enable “Type to Siri” feature. Before Starting I recommend you to don’t skip anyone steps from the steps written below because if you skipped anyone from them then you will probably face a few problems while enabling this feature.

Steps to Enable “Type to Siri” feature in iOS 11.

1. At First, go to your iPhone’s Settings app and then tap on the ”General” option.
2. After that tap or click on Accessibility option which will appear on your iOS device’s screen with another option.
3. Then you will see many options on the screen of your iOS device, you have to Scroll down and then you will find the “Siri” option. Click on that option and after that Enable the option named as “Type to Siri”.

Are you love this feature?

This is not a much-beneficial feature but is usable in a few situations only. Let us know in the comment box that you are using this feature and is this feature valuable and usable for you or not. According to me, this feature is only usable for those people who can’t understand Siri voice properly because of Siri only available in a few languages.

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