How to track someone’s location in real-time

Modern technology allows you to track someone’s whereabouts in real-time. Now there could be many reasons why someone would want to track the location of a person. Let’s take a look at few of them:


The parents of today would want to stay on top of their teenagers’ digital activities as well as their whereabouts. Surely, the internet is a dangerous place, and they could be accessing inappropriate content on the internet. But children need both digital- and real-life safety. Parents would want to make sure that their children are safe and not going to places that you have made off-limits to them.

Long-Distance Partners

Sometimes there are network issues or problems with the phone signals making it impossible to communicate. When partners are in a long-distance relationship, they rely on phones a lot more than usual. So, if calls or texts aren’t taking place, just the mere knowledge that your partner has left work and arrived home safely or vice versa is comforting. So, partners track locations too. And sometimes, the need for tracking stems out of their suspicion of infidelity. Spouses, when they doubt their partner’s loyalty, also resort to ways that would let them track their partner’s whereabouts.


Given the number of data leaks and cybersecurity issues, and most leaks being an insider job, employers have taken a keen approach towards employers. Employers now monitor employees’ digital activities, correspondence, and whereabouts to ensure that they are not involved in suspicious activities or go to zones they are not allowed to or meeting rivals. Apart from this, tracking apps are also used to make sure that your remote employees are checking-in and checking out at the right time.

Different Methods to Track Location 

Now, let’s take a look at the different methods for tracking location in real-time.

Using GPS Tracker

A common way to track locations is using a GPS tracker, a small navigation device you can place in someone’s car, or put in their bag even to monitor their location and know where they are in real-time.

Using Social Media

You can also use social media platforms to track someone’s location. There is Facebook, Instagram, and Google that you can use. If that person is added to your Facebook/Instagram list and has a habit of updating their location all day long, it is rather easy to know where they are at all times. Also, if you type in the number on Google, then any account linked with that number would appear on your screen, making it easier to track the person.

In case the person has not linked their Google or Facebook account with their number, you might not see anything.

Use a Location Tracking App

Both of the methods mentioned above have some limitations. Such as you need to be added to their Facebook/Instagram list to see their locations. As for tracking them on Google, their number needs to be linked to their Google account.

But there is another way that lets you track someone’s location. And that, too, in real-time. You can use the Xnspy location tracking app on someone’s Android or iPhone to know their location history, real-time location, and also use geofencing to create virtual boundaries and know when the user enters or exits a certain location.

You have to install Xnspy on the phone you want to monitor. If that person owns an Android phone, you would require physical access to the Android device. The installation is going to take a few minutes. However, for an iPhone, you don’t have to install Xnspy. You just have to sync the app with the Cloud. You would have to enable the monitored iPhone’s iCloud. For that, you need to have iCloud credentials of the iPhone user.


Using Xnspy, you can:

  • Monitor the location history of the phone and know about the recent locations the phone user has visited.
  • You can know the real-time location of the phone user.
  • You can add certain locations to the Watchlist. And with geofencing, you can set alerts on particular locations and get alerts right when the phone user enters or exits that particular location.

How to use Xnspy?

Here is how you can get started with Xnspy location tracking. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step #1: Subscribe and Install Xnspy

For Android device: Once you have subscribed to the app, you are going to receive an activation code and a download link along with details regarding installation. You would also receive the login credentials for your web account through which you can access the dashboard and view the different activities and the phone’s location.

For an iPhone: There is no need to install the app on the device. You just need to sync the iCloud of the device with Xnspy.

Step #2: Log into your web account to access the dashboard

You need to visit Then, enter the Xnspy credentials you received in the email. This would take you to your Xnspy web account.

Step #3: Choose the “Locations” tab from the menu

You would find the dashboard once you log in to your web account. The dashboard is like a control panel that would let you see all that happens on the phone. Xnspy is a complete monitoring solution and comes with a variety of features. But since you want to track the locations of the phone user, select “Location” from the menu.

Step #4: View location history

After selecting the Location tab, you can view the location history log of the phone and their current location as well. The app monitors in real-time. You can view the locations the phone user visited recently.

Also, you can see every saved location on the map.

Using the Watchlist feature of the app

If there are any particular locations you would want to know about, then here is how you can set alerts on particular locations.

  • Click on the Settings, from the dashboard menu
  • Then, click on the Add Place icon you would see on the top corner of the screen.
  • Mention the location and choose when you want to receive an alert when they exit or enter.
  • Click on save to add the location to the Watchlist. From now onwards, you would get alerts when the phone user enters/exits that location.

Every logged location address can be seen individually on the Xnspy map or within Google Maps. Plus, users can view every day’s location history separately.

Why Xnspy?

You can rely on Xnspy to deliver updated information to you. The app tracks in real-time. But the phone you are monitoring must have location tracking turned on. With Xnspy, the new location registers on the map in event of 100-meter displacement registration. So you will get 7 location stamps within a minute if the person you are monitoring is traveling at 40km/hour. That is pretty much accurate.

Know that the cell phone tracking feature of Xnspy works in real-time, but it could never be entirely real-time. Compared to other options, a location tracking app is always more reliable.

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