How to Play Fortnite on Android

How to play fortnite on android. As most of you know that how cool game is fortnite. This is really an incredible game which is now dominating the games market. The bad news is that it is available on only PC, Console or iOS devices.
But now a Beta version of Fortnite is available for Android devices. There are a lot of fake apps on play store which is named “Fortnite” but you should not download them. I will tell you genuine way by which you can play fortnite on android device for free. It is only available for a few Android devices whose List is as below.

How to play fortnite on android
How to play fortnite on android

Now let’s have a look at steps by which you can play fortnite on android device for free if mentioned in the above list.

(Steps) How to play Fortnite on Android:-

The steps are explained in detail, you just need to follow them as it is they are. Now let’s get started.

1. At first, you need to go to Epic Games’ official page. (If you don’t know what is “Epic Games”, then it is developer company who made Fortnite). By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to that page or you can type following the link in the Search bar of your browser.
2. After this you will see “Android Beta” named button at bottom of the screen, click on that button as highlighted in the image below also.How to play fortnite on android
3. Then you will see a new webpage where you will see a Yellow colored option “Sign Up for Email Invite”, You have to click on it and fill out all the necessary information.

How to play fortnite on android
How to play fortnite on android

4. Then you will receive an email invite on the email address that you had typed within 2-3 days. The email invite will contain a link for download fortnite. Just Download fortnite from that link and Sign in only with the email address on which you had received the email invite.

NOTE:- You have to give permission as the fortnite will be downloaded from a website other than google play store. So, while you opening the fortnite it will redirect to Settings and here you have to enable setting named as “Allow apps downloaded from other than google play store” as shown in the image below.

I hope you completely knew that how you can play fortnite on Android devices for free. And if you face any queries regarding this article then you can tell us it by typing in the comment box below.

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