How to run Mac OS on any iPhone without a computer, without jailbreak

How to run Mac OS on any iPhone. If you want to convert your iOS into mac os then this was impossible but now it has gone possibly successful. If you want to run or download mac os x on your iPhone running on iOS11 or later then it is very easy. To do that have a look at the article below.

Have you ever thought to buy a mac or Maybe some people from you had bought a MacBook or iMac but you all know that how much expensive are MacBooks and iMacs? If you want to buy a mac and iPhone also then it will seem to be much expensive but today I am going to tell you a cheaper and absolutely free method by which you can convert your iOS device such as iPhone into Mac OS X whenever you want. This is a pretty cool trick and I hope you will like this post. So, without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps stated below. I recommend you to don’t skip any step written below. Because if you skipped any step then you will probably face a few problems while converting iOS into mac os.

Steps to convert any iPhone to Mac OS X

1. First of all, open up Safari app present on your iPhone and then copy the link below or click on it.
2. After that, you will redirect to a webpage where a Download button will be present with blue color as shown in the image below also.
3. When you will click on the download button then a confirmation message will appear on screen after 4-5 seconds, Click on the install option which will present in the confirmation message.
4. Then you will see an app started downloading on the home screen of your iPhone. When app completely downloaded then you will see that the app will not open when you tap on it to open.
5. To open it up go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management. Then Click on the name of the developer and then click on blue Trust button which will appear in the middle of the screen.
6. And then open up the app. And you will see a search bar on top of the screen of the app. Type as “iClone” in the search bar.
7. After that, an app will appear on screen with “install” button. Click on the “install” button and after a few seconds, a confirmation message will appear. Again click on the “install” option.
8. Then a new app will start the download on screen. After installation opens up the iClone app and is sure that you are connected to wifi or cellular data. Then you will see a login option on the screen. Tap on this log in option and after that automatically your iPhone will look like Mac OS X.

I hope you had liked this post. If you want such more tricks then keep using our site because we upload new tricks daily and every day.

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