5 Ways to Hack any Wifi on Android Device.

5 Ways to Hack Wifi on Android. Here are 5 Ways to Hack Wifi on your Android device that will help you to get self-ruling wifi by hacking wireless network with your non-rooted and rooted android device with weightier wifi hacking apps for android, Have you overly got to show up some WiFi hotspot nearby searched by your Android device? Yes, you could have witnessed it many of the times while you trammels into the WiFi of your neighbor or at any other place as WiFi hotspots are not difficult to find us. Now while you get to interact with these hotspots on your Android then you mostly are asked to follow through the encryption breakout as most of the hotspots are secured by passwords. You would likely to think of hacking up the password while if you are not knowing well-nigh that considering you wish to reap the self-ruling internet connection through that, but considering you are lacking the knowledge of any such method so you don’t dare to do so. But as you are handling up the Android device which has an unconfined potential to do anything plane the hacking of networks too so you could hand hack up the WiFi networks also.

5 Ways to Hack Wifi on Android

Here in this article, we have written about the ways with which you could hack up any phone Wifi which is secured just by using up the Android device. To know about the ways just head on to the main part of the article which is given below, read about it after that! Below are the apps which could be used to hack up the WiFi on the Android device and all these are proved to be working:

1. WPS Connect:

This is the best and easiest app which help to hack wifi network. By this app, anyone can successfully and completely hack even the most secure Wifi also. And the method is too easy and is very simple. Just search for a particular WiFi inside this app and through the options, you will get up a PIN for that. Apply or use that PIN in place of the password of the WiFi which will be asked when you connecting to it. That’s it, your connection would be established! This is pretty cool and awesome app which is available for free on google play store.

2. WPA WPS Tester:

This is another great app for using which the users tend to achieve a kind of PIN which could be used in place of the password for a particular WiFi network. But its annoying thing is that this app requires a rooted android device. The PIN is specially generated for the particular WiFi network and not only that the number of PIN’s that are generated could all be applied and you won’t have to stick with the only one chance. You have to try up all the PIN’s and see which one works for your WiFi! Note that this app requires the root access to Android device.

3. Using WiFi Password Scrapper:

This is the best app for those people who don’t want to do many things. This app locates up the all available WiFi networks and automatically saves up the passwords for that which is actually too good because you just need to do open up the app and nothing more. For this app to work you also don’t need to have root access to your Android device and it just works with much power in the simple mode only. Try it and you would get up the positive results most of the times!

4. B con App:

If your device contains the Broadcom chipset then this method is the best you could ever found to hack up the WiFi. Using up the B icon app which is actually a very advanced technical tool that could perform amazingly great hacks for the networks, just enable up to the Monitor mode option. After that download up to the Reaver and install it on your Android device. Simply use up the Reaver app to crack any of the access points through using up the options and the searches of WiFi networks. Note that this whole method requires you to have the rooted device unless this won’t work!

5. WiFi Kill:

This is a kind of advanced tool for the Android through using which the users could crack down the WiFi passwords easily in few minutes only. Apart from that this app also has the power to control up to the WiFi active connections and could be used to kill up the other active connections so that the fullest potential of bandwidth could be available for the usage. This is surely an advanced tool which could do some amazing hacks with the connection, just give it a try and you would not be let down!


And this was the ways through which you can hack up the WiFi using the Android device for free and hence get up the internet access from it. As from the above article, you have got up the methods that aren’t too difficult or complex and any moderate user could apply it without any issues. It’s now your time to apply this method and get down the internet access from any secured wifi by hacking its credentials. Hope you would like up the method, if you want more such hacking tricks then keep using our site because we upload a new trick everyday regularly.

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