where is accessibility settings on iPhone

Where is accessibility Settings on iPhone (iOS 13, iOS 12)?

Where is accessibility Settings on iPhone (iOS 13, iOS 12)? Accessibility Settings are the utmost settings which you can change according to your taste and can make your iPhone more simple to operate for you.

No doubt there are some customizations as well which you can do with the help of accessibility on iPhone such as:- Invert colors, Assistive Touch, 3d touch settings, etc.

But where to find these settings if you just bought a new iPhone or using an iPhone for the first time. Although the place of Accessibility Settings are the same on all the iOS devices and on all the iOS versions, the iOS 13 brings a change.

Don’t worry, in this article, I will tell you about where are the accessibility settings on iPhone running iOS 12 or earlier ios versions and where to find it in iOS 13 also.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps about finding Accessibility settings on iPhone running iOS 13 version and below that about iOS 12 or earlier versions.

Where to Find Accessibility Settings on iPhone (iOS 13)?

The place is quite easy to find in iOS 13, though some people failed to find it as they updated to iOS 13.

Accessibilty settings on iphone
open settings on iPhone

To find Accessibility Settings you need to Go to Settings, and then scroll down a bit. And below the “Display & Brightness” option you will see “Accessibility” settings.

Accessibilty settings on iphone iOS 13
Accessibility settings on iPhone iOS 13

Above, the place where you can find accessibility settings on iPhone running iOS 13 is being told.

Now if you are running iOS 12 or earlier iOS version them the place is different and is told below.

Where are Accessibility Settings on iPhone (iOS 12 or Earlier)?

Below is the place and how to approach it is being defined, just need to follow it as it is.

Go to Settings > General.

Go to General in Settings
Go to General from Settings

And at that page, you will find “Accessibility” settings, you may need to scroll down to find it.

Accessibility settings on iphone ios 12
Accessibility settings on iPhone ios 12

It’s that easy and simple, you can find accessibility setting on any iPhone, no matter on which iOS version it is running.

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