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Call of Duty Mobile iOS Download – Right Now!

Learn about Call of Duty Mobile iOS Download. Call Of Duty was a game-changer in the fight between fortnite and PUBG. The difference among them is that Call Of duty is only available on PC while fortnite and PUBG are available on Mobile as well.

But if you are here then it means you want to download Call Of Duty: Mobile now in your iOS device. Yes, there is a way to do so and you don’t need to Pre-register or such sought of thing. You can directly download Call Of Duty Mobile on your iOS device with a single click. Go through the whole article below to know about it.

If you search on the internet “Call Of Duty Mobile Download”, then you will see a lot of search results, all claiming to provide you the way to download it. But all of them are fake, and the majority of them just provides information about pre-registering for this game.

And as we all know that Call Of duty Mobile is more than a GB like other battle royale game. But if you want to download Call Of Duty mobile on iOS without wifi, as wifi is needed to download apps over 200 MB. Then have a look at How to download apps over 200 MB iOS 12.

Unlike others, I will tell you two different and properly working methods, which you can use to download Call Of Duty: Mobile on your iOS device.

Both of the methods stated in this article about downloading call of duty mobile are working methods. But I recommend you to follow the first one which is quite easy and simple to follow as compared to the second.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the first and easiest way to download Call Of Duty Mobile on iOS.

Download Call Of Duty Mobile (iOS)

Below are the steps which you have to follow if you want to install Call Of Duty in your iOS device. The steps are quite simple and easy to follow, and images are also included to assist you. In these steps, there is a step in which you need to change your Apple ID’s country. If you want to know how to change the App store country without a credit card then click on the underlined text.

1. Go to Settings of your iPhone.

2. Scroll Down and select “iTunes & App Store” option.

3. Tap on your Apple ID and then select “View Apple ID” option.

View Apple ID
View Apple ID

4. Click on “Country/ Region” option.

Country Region
Country Region

5. Tap on “Change Country/ Region”.

6. Select the “Australia” country.

Change country to Australia
Change the country to Australia

7. Go to App Store and search “Call Of Duty Mobile” in the search bar.

8. In the search results, you will be able to see Call Of Duty Mobile available for download.

Call Of Duty Mobile iOS
Call Of Duty Mobile iOS

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NOTE:- After downloading Call Of Duty Mobile using the above method, you must use a VPN of Australia to play online. Otherwise, Call Of Duty Mobile will be downloaded but you will not be able to play it. Have a look at:- How to use a VPN on the iPhone.

It was the first and easiest method which you can use to download Call Of Duty Mobile on your iOS device.

But if the above-stated method isn’t convenient for you then you can use then another method stated below.

Call Of Duty Mobile iOS

This method is for those who think that the above-stated method is not easy or convenient for them. You can use this as an alternative for the above method. It is a bit difficult but the images included with each step make it simple.

1. First of all, you need to download an app named “Pandahelper” in your iOS device. To download it go to-

2. After clicking on the above link you will redirect to a webpage where a “Download Now” button will be available, click on that button.

Download Pandahelper

3. When pandahelper will be downloaded then you can’t open it up by just tapping on it. Before opening it up you need to Trust the app developer on your iPhone. To do so Go to Settings > General > Profiles and then Trust the app developer.

How to trust an app on iOS
How to trust an app on iOS

4. Now open up the pandahelper and you will see a couple of apps available for download there. You just need to click on the search bar present at the top.

5. Search “Call Of Duty: Mobile” in that search bar.

Download Call Of duty mobile iOS
Download Call Of duty mobile iOS

6. And in search results, you will see “Call Of Duty: Mobile Hack” instead of normal Call Of Duty, which is a great thing.

7. Download it using the “install” button available next to it.

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NOTE:- As stated above, you need to use an Australian VPN to play this game. Although you will be able to download it using the above steps, to play it you need to use a VPN with the location of Australia.

That’s the end of the article, you can comment down any difficulty you face during the downloading of Call Of Duty Mobile on iOS device, using anyone of the above methods.

And keep using our site to know about more How-To guides like this one.

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