How to hack 8 Ball Pool on any iOS devices

How to hack 8 Ball Pool on any iOS device. (2017) Now the days most of the people play online games and 8 ball pool is one of the best online games. The graphics of this game is incredible but the main problem is that it is very difficult to always be a winner in the game. When you lose then your money will transfer to your opponent which is very annoying thing But today I am going to tell you such a way by which you can hack the 8 ball pool game in any iOS device running on latest iOS 11 or below version also.
With this hack you will be always a winner, Yes it’s true and I will also explain to you how. When you will hack this game according to the methods stated below then you will see unlimited guidelines (as shown in the image below also)in the game by which you can ensure that your ball will go into the hole or not and also adjust the angle as usual. So, if you want to hack the game for free then have a look at the steps stated below.

Steps to Hack 8 Ball Pool on iOS devices.

1. First of all type the link below in the Safari browser present in your iOS device or iPhone.

2. Then you will be redirected to a webpage where a blue colored button will appear. Click on that blue button and is also highlighted in the picture below.

3. After clicking on the button, you have to wait for 3-4 seconds and then a confirmation message will appear on the screen with two options one of them will be “Ignore” while another will be “Allow”, Click on “Allow” option.

4. Then you will see a new page on your iPhone’s screen where only an “Install” option will be present at top right corner of the screen, Tap or click on the “Install” option and after that, you will be asked to type your iPhone’s passcode and type the passcode of your iPhone.

5. Now again “Install” option will appear in the top right corner of the screen and you have to click or tap on that option again.

6. After that open your iPhone’s home screen by pressing the home button and here you will see a new app will appear on the screen and will be named as “IPA library”, open up the app.

7. Then you will see a gaming remote sign on the bottom middle side of the screen. Click on that sign or symbol and after that click or tap on a blue colored text. Which will be present at top right corner as highlighted in the image below.

8. Now you will see many games, Scroll down and find 8 ball pool game. And then click on the get option to download the game. After that click on “install” option which will appear on screen after a few seconds.

9. When the game will be completely downloaded in your iPhone you can’t open it directly. You have to go to Settings > General > Profiles and device management and then Click on the blue colored trust option. And after that, you can open up the game and can play the game easily.

NOTE:- Before downloading the hacked game you have to delete the normal game from your iPhone.

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