How to Jailbreak the iOS11/ 11.1.2 with Houdini (2019)

How to Jailbreak iOS11/ 11.1.2 with Houdini B2 app without any PC. (2018). Most of you know that what jailbreak is? But a few people may don’t know about it. So, I can explain that what is jailbreak? A jailbreak means to break the limitations of an iOS device. By breaking the limitations you can customize your iOS device according to your needs and you can also add gestures as well. So, you may think that why we don’t do jailbreak? we don’t jailbreak because jailbreak is developed by some developers and in iOS11 or latest versions of iOS devices have much security and can’t be a jailbreak.
But after a very long time, the jailbreak of iOS11 is released. It is not a full jailbreak or you can say it is a Semi-Jailbreak which gives you not much but some customizations for your iOS11 device. So, if you want to know how to jailbreak your iOS11 device then you are at right place. Because today in this post I will tell you that how to jailbreak ios11/11.1.2. without any PC. Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps stated below.

(Steps) How to Jailbreak iOS11/ 11.1.2:-

1. First of all, open up Safari Browser present in your iOS device and then type the link below as it is in the Search bar of Safari or you can click on the link below if you had opened this post in Safari Browser.
2. After that, you will redirect to a webpage where you will see an advertisement appearing on screen with an “X” button on the top left corner. Tap on that “X” button to close the ad. And then you will see an option in the middle of the screen named as “Apps” as highlighted in the image to jailbreak ios11/ 11.1.2
3. Then a new webpage will open. Where you will see a few new options and one of them will be “Tweak Box Apps”. Click on that option as shown in the image above also.
4. Now you will see a list of the bulk of apps. Scroll down and then you will find an app named as “Houdini B2” as highlighted in the image below. Click on it and then you will see a red colored “install” option at top right to jailbreak ios11 with houdini app
5. Then wait 2-3 seconds and a confirmation message will appear on the screen with two options. One of them will be “Cancel” while another will be “install”, You have to click on “install” option.
6. After that, the app will be started downloading on the home screen of your iOS device. When the app will be completely downloaded to your iOS device then you can’t open it up by clicking on it. To open it you have to go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device management.
7. And then you will see developer name, click on it and then click on the blue colored “Trust” option. Now open up the app “Houdini B2” and you will see a pops up on the screen when you opened the app. This pop-up will contain two options “Cancel” and “ignore”, click on “ignore” option.
8. After that, it will take a few seconds to open and when it will be opened then you will see a “Package” option at bottom of the screen, click on it as highlighted in the image to jailbreak ios11 without a pc
9. Then you will see some options such as “Betterbootlogos” by which you can customize boot logo which is apple logo by default. You can also Customize the shape of icons and much more things.

I hope you had understand that how to jailbreak ios11 and also liked this post. But Don’t forget to share this post with your friends by clicking on the buttons below. And also keep using our site because we upload latest hacking tricks daily and regularly.

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