iOS 13 Concept and Features

iOS 13 Concept & Features: It Will Blow your Mind!

Get to Know about iOS 13 Concept & Features.
As we all familiar with the Tech Giant Apple, who release new iOS Software on WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developer Conference) and also new Gadgets as well.

Apple had released the iOS 12 in June 2018‘s WWDC conference. And now in June 2019, Apple Might unveil its new iOS 13 Software Update. And as we all know the iOS 12 hadn’t brought many new features as we update from iOS 11. So, it is sure that Apple will bring something uncommon in new iOS 13 Software Update.

And there are a lot of Videos on Youtube, Claim that they know the iOS 13 Concept and also the features iOS 13 will bring. These videos are absolutely wrong, and their claim is not trustworthy.

If you want to know about the iOS 13 Concept and Features that iOS 13 will bring then you are at right place. Because our team had analyzed a lot of iOS 13 Rumors and then come to some results.

The Concept we had found on which iOS 13 Might be based is told in this article and also the Features iOS 13 Might come with. Here in this article (whose link is here), I had told about the iOS 13 Release date and leaks.

Though all the features stated below may not come in iOS 13 but the majority of the features stated, will come in iOS 13.

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iOS 13 Concept:-

Before knowing the features and changes of iOS 13, you must know about the iOS 13 Concept. Here Concept stands for the Core of the iOS 13 Design or on which idea the iOS 13 is based.

The iOS 13’s Concept or idea is mainly based on bringing some new Features and removing the Bugs which iOS 12 Contains.

iOS 13 Concept
iOS 13 Concept


Apple might put pressure on bringing some extra-ordinary features because they hadn’t come up with any extra-ordinary feature in iOS 12. So, it is sure that new features are coming and another thing is that they will also put Stress on Enhancing Performance also.

As we know Apple is also looking on “Battery Health” problems after iOS 11 or in the iOS 12. So, it is also pretended that some Battery improvements may be done in new iOS 13.

Apple had given some specific features to iPad users in iOS 12 Updates, Such as some new Gestures and Multitasking features had been looked by Apple. And such new features might come in the iOS 13 for iPad users. And the older features might be updated and may help in enhancing the performance of iPads as well.

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Now you are familiar with the iOS 13 Concept, Now you might thinking about the features iOS 13 may bring. So, let’s have a look at the predictions about the iOS 13 Features as Discussed below.

iOS 13 Features (Predicted and Analyzed):-

Below are some features which are predicted by some iOS developers and some by our team also. Majority of them might come in iOS 13 while a few may not come. They are based on Leaks, Rumors, Analysis, and Predictions.

New Home Screen Layout will be Cleaner

As the first iPhone was launched in 2007, the home screen isn’t changed much while the iOS 10 had brought new Lock Screen. So, it is quite assured that some changes will come to Home Screen. The apps will now much Cleaner and the App Labels or names will not appear.

iOS 13 Concept is Cleaner Home screen
iOS 13 Concept is a Cleaner Home screen

In iOS 12 the Labels of the app appear in the bottom Dock is being Hidden or removed. So, it is predicted that all the Labels of Apps will be no longer available and it will make the home screen much Cleaner and Elegant.

improved Smart invert Mode

As we know that Apple had worked a lot on bringing “Dark Mode” to iOS 12. The Dark Mode is named as “Smart Invert”, but it can be better. Smart Invert works well but there are some bugs in this feature which we can expect to be removed in the iOS 13 and users can use “Smart Invert” easily.

iOS 13 will Feature improved new Dark Mode
iOS 13 will Feature improved new Dark Mode

The Smart Invert may not be improved in fact Might be replaced by a new feature named as “Dark Mode” which will be more reliable. If you don’t know how to use invert colors on iPhone? Then have a look at:- How to Use invert Colors on iPhone (2 Methods).

Split Screen: Do Two different Tasks on one Screen

In iOS 12, Apple had brought Split Screen Feature on iPads which allow us to use two different apps on a single screen. Or to do two tasks at the same time on one screen. Now it is sure that this feature might come with iOS 13 on iPhones as well.

iOS 13 New feature: Split Screen on iPhone
iOS 13 New feature: Split Screen on iPhone

This feature will be used with the help of some new gestures like now you can use it on any iPad running on iOS 12. To know how to use Split Screen on iPad have a look:- how to use split screen on iPads.

On/ Off Flash During Video Recording

This is the most awaited iOS feature, in iOS 13 you will be able to On/ Off Flashlight while recording a video on an iPhone. Now you have to stick on Flash Light if you had turned “On” the Flash Light while Started video recording until you stop the video.

But in iOS 13 you might be able to Enable/ Disable Flash Light while recording Video or in ongoing Video recording.

Change the Camera Resolution within the Camera app

If you want to change the Resolution (4K, HD etc.) of your iPhone’s Camera then you need to Go to Settings > Camera and then can change the Resolution.

iOS 13 New Feature:- Resolution settings within Camera
iOS 13 New Feature:- Resolution settings within Camera

But in the iOS 13, you will be able to change the resolution within the Camera app. Like applying Filters within the Camera app, the Resolution can be changed. It will be a really helpful feature for those who use there iPhone to Shoot Videos and Clicking pictures regularly.

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New Wallpapers

iOS 13 New wallpapers
iOS 13 New wallpapers

As we know Apple always bring new wallpapers in new Software Updates. But in the iOS 12, it had brought only a few new wallpapers. So, it is sure that in iOS 13 Software Update tons of new wallpapers will come to the users.
And the wallpapers might be different as always apple introduces some uncommon wallpapers.

Sir improvements (Offline Siri)

With every single new software Update, Apple adds some improvements to Siri. And this time again Apple is expected to make some improvements in Siri.

iOS 13 will bring offline Siri
iOS 13 will bring offline Siri

And some are predicting that Siri might do some tasks Offline also. It is only a Rumor but my duty is to tell you about this also. So, tell me what you think. Will Siri available Offline? By Commenting in Comment Box available below. And if you want to Turn OFF Siri but don’t know how to turn off Siri on iOS 12? Then have a look at:- How to Turn OFF Siri on iOS 12 

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So, above were the features we predict and expect that will come in iOS 13. Now I hope iOS 13 Concept must be familiar to you and also you may know features might come in iOS 13.

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