iOS 13 Beta Release Date and Leaks

iOS 13 Beta Release Date, Leaks and Rumors : You Should know

In this article, you will get to know about the new iOS 13 Beta release date, leaks and rumors also. The information told in this article is based on predictions by developers and other technology experts. Predictions might not true to some extent. So, it depends on you how you will take these rumors (Seriously or Analytically).

iOS 13 Beta Leaks and Rumors

At first, Apple had thought to give some awesome new features in iOS 13 such as a new and improved dark Mode and Split Screen also. But to know about the complete iOS 13 Concept and features you should have a look at the article link below:-

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And the iOS 13 contains all bug fixes which are made in iOS 12. Apple is making iOS 13 a stable firmware for its devices because in Mid-2017 we had seen that Apple had messed the iOS 12 and there are so many bugs and crashes in iOS 12. Although most of the people aren’t happy with this news that there will not new features in iOS 13 but it will contain more security and the bugs of iOS 12 will be removed.

We can say that we have to sacrifice new features to get stability. I think it is not bad at all because I think that if all bugs will be removed then we will experience a better experience also.

When iOS 13 Beta will release?

Some leaks clear that iOS 13 Beta will release as soon as possible but most rumors are that the iOS 13 will release in May-June 2019. iOS 13 Beta will release before June because Apple usually unveils beta software updates at the end of March.

What are new Features planned to add in iOS 13?

  1. A new user interface, which will be much cleaner because all labels and names of apps will be removed as now you can see the name of apps in the dock of iOS 12.

    iOS 13 leaks
    iOS 13 Leaks
  2. Notifications will be divided into different groups based on the source app or application.

    iOS 13 leaks
    iOS 13 leaks
  3. A newly simplified feature that allows improving the storage management of the device.

    iOS 13 leaks
    iOS 13 Concept leaks
  4. The ability to Block or protect apps with face id and touch id.
  5. A new Ultra-Energy-Saving mode with a black and white interface to minimize the power consumption in case of low battery or to save battery.
iOS 13 Concept and leaks
iOS 13 leaks

I hope you had liked this post and completely familiar to the iOS 13 Beta Leaks and Release Date also. And you can download the latest iOS 13 Beta 6 from- iOS 13 Beta 6 Download.

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