Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home for Free

5 Ways to earn money online. Now the days all the People are using the internet. Some people use the internet for playing games, some use the internet for watching movies, etc. But a few people also earn money through the internet.

Yes, it’s true about 40% of the whole employed population is earning money through the internet. There are many ways to earn money on the internet. If you are also interested in earning money online then you are in the right place. In this article, I had explained 5 ways to earn money online.

You can earn money online through the internet without any investment and without any knowledge also. Just you need a little bit of knowledge about earning money. If you want to earn money like me then have a look at the 5 different ways by which you can earn money online. Now let’s have a look at the ways mentioned below.

5 Ways to Earn money online

Below are the top 5 ways which anyone can use to earn money online from home or anywhere else. What someone need is just an internet connection to use anyone of the following ways.

1. Freelancing

The first and easiest way by which you can earn money online is Freelancing. If you don’t know what is freelancing then I can explain you. Freelancing means be hired by someone to give him services online. These services can be of any type such as story writing, article writing, and services related to SEO etc.

earn money online through freelancing

If you have any talent you want to sell such as translating a language into another also then freelancing is the best option for you. Now you are thinking that how to sell these services.? You can sell these services by making an account on any freelancer site. And the clients or customers will reach you through these sites. There are three main freelancing sites which are,,

2. Affiliate Marketing

earn money online through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another easiest way to earn money through internet. It is easier as compared to freelancing. If You don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing then don’t worry I can tell you. Affiliate marketing means that you will earn the commission if anyone buys a product through your link. This link will be given to you by online shopping sites. You have to do nothing just share the affiliate link on social media and if anyone buys a product from that link then you will get the commission.

The commission will be of 2% of the price of the product. You can get affiliate link by signing up online on Amazon or Flipkart also. To get this link search as “Amazon Affiliate program” or “Flipkart Affiliate program”. Then sign up here and get different links for different products. Then share the link with images of that product and write “if anyone wants to purchase it then click on a link below to buy it online”. By this audience will attract and will order through your link but use eye-catching images to attract more people.

3. Youtube Channel

Youtube is really famous among the people. You can also earn money through youtube without any investment. Just make a youtube channel and start uploading videos in it of any category you are interested such as tech, funny, prank, music etc. Then you have to connect your channel with google adsense and after that, you will earn your videos. You will earn money through the advertisements which will show on your videos from google adsense.

The amount will be paid to you through your bank account. You have to tell bank account to Google while signing up for google adsense. This method is now very common but if you don’t know about it then hopefully you now know about it.

4. Website

You are thinking that you have to pay money for making a website but it isn’t true. There are many sites which offer people to make the website for free. The main website which is offering free website and domain is “”. You can easily make a website by the help of this site but the problem is that you had to just add the name of “WordPress” which is an online company into the name of your site example “”. This site name will automatically get the “WordPress” name in it when you make a website for free from WordPress. You have to connect your site to google adsense and then advertisements will appear on the website and you will earn money from that also. And can write about any category in which you are interested.  One can also write jokes and can earn money from the website also.

5. Admod

You probably not know what is admod. I can explain that what is admod. Admod is also similar to google adsense. And it is used to display or show advertisements on google play store Apps. Yes, you can make an app for free and publish it on google play store. There are a little bit fees on publishing apps on google play store this fee is $25.

You have to pay this fee for one time they can publish as many apps you want. If you don’t know that how to make an app or thinking that it is difficult then you are wrong. Making an app is very easy. Just you need a guide which tells you about it. You can search it on google or youtube and they can easily make an app by watching a video on youtube or by reading an article on google. If you want to download paid games for free in android to save money then click on the link below to see the steps to do that.

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