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Android Pie Download: [How-To]

Android Pie Download for Android Devices. As the Tech Giant Google had released the Android Pie, which is the latest Android Version available for Android devices in the past months. But first, it was in a Beta state and was not available on all Android devices.

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Though still, it is not available on all Android devices it is available on Majority of the Android devices. Yes, your Android might be one of these majorities of Android devices to Get the Android Pie Download right now. But you may don’t know how to download Android Pie or how to check whether Android Pie can be downloaded on your Android device? If yes, then you are at right place.

Unlike others, in this article, I will tell you whether Android Pie can be downloaded on your Android device and how to download it also.

So, let’s firstly have a look at how to check whether your Android device is eligible for Android Pie or Not.

How to Check that my Android phone can update to Android Pie:-

To check whether your Android phone is eligible for Android Pie, you need to know the list of smartphones who are getting Android Pie Update.

But without knowing about the list you can still know whether your phone will get Android Pie or not. If your Android phone is a Flagship phone which is expensive or Mid-Ranged then it definitely gets the Android Pie Update.

android pie
android pie

You can check the List of Android Phones Who are getting Android Pie Update here:- List of Android phones getting Android Pie Update. 

Now you might know whether your Phone is getting Android Pie Update or not? But you don’t know how to Download Android Pie on your Android phone? Right.

So, now without wasting any second let’s have a look at the steps to download Android Pie on any Android phone (which is eligible) as stated below.


How to Download Android Pie:-

1. Go to the Settings of your Android phone.

2. Now go to “About Phone” Section.

Download android pie on android
About Phone

3. Select “Software Update” option.

Software Update
Software Update

4. And Download the Android Pie from there.

Download Android pie
Download Android pie


That’s Simple, it was really easy to download Android Pie on Android devices.

If you can’t see Android Pie available for Download using above steps then it means your Android Phone hadn’t get the Android Pie. But definitely get in future Updates.

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