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Dead Cells Free Download (iOS)

Learn about how to download Dead Cells on iOS for free. Dead Cells is one of the most popular arcades, action and adventure game on the app store. This game was first available on only Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. But now it is launched for iOS devices as well.

Unlike other games, this is a paid iOS game. You have to pay about $7 US dollars to download this game from the App Store. Don’t worry, In this article, I will tell you a way by using which you will be able to download Dead Cells for free on iOS. To know about how to download dead cells for free on iOS, go through the whole article presented below.

Dead Cells is a big example that console gaming is now coming to iOS. The high-end graphics of this game is the major reason for its popularity and that’s why instead of being a paid game it is downloaded by over a million users.

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If you also want to become one of the dead cells users but don’t want to pay for this game, then it is possible as well. You just need to follow a few steps which are quite easy and you will be able to download and play dead cells for free on any of your iOS devices.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps which you need to follow to download Dead Cells for free on iOS as stated below.

Download Dead Cells iOS (Free)

Below are the steps which you need to follow if you want to download dead cells without paying any money for it. Images are included with each step so you will not find any difficulty in following these steps.

1. Firstly, you have to download an app that is a third-party app store, which means it provides apps and games for download like the App Store. To download it you need to go to –

2. After clicking on the above link you will be redirected to a webpage where you will see a “Download Now” button on which you have to click.

Download Pandahelper

3. Now pandahelper will be downloaded in your iOS device, but you can’t open it up by just clicking on it.

4. To open it up, first, you need to “Trust” the app developer on your iOS device. To do this go to Settings > General > Profiles and then “Trust” the app developer.

How to trust an app on iOS
How to trust an app on iOS

5. Then open up the pandahelper app and tap on the “Search Bar” present at top of the screen.

Search Dead Cells iOS
Search Dead Cells

6. Search “Dead Cells” in that search bar, and you will see “Dead Cells” available for free download in the search results.

7. Just tap in “install” button present next to the “Dead Cells”, to download it for free on your iOS device.

Download Dead Cells free iOS
Download Dead Cells free iOS

8. It will first be downloaded within the “Pandahelper” app, to check if you can click on the “Download” symbol present at the top right corner in “Pandahelper”.


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It’s that simple and easy to download “Dead Cells” on your iOS device. Although the above method is working and easy, one may face some issues while downloading “Dead Cells” using the above method.

These issues can be easily resolved, as mostly they occur because of minor mistakes. Such issues and their solutions are told as below. You should have a glance at them.

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Issues while downloading Dead Cells free

  • Incompatible iOS version:- This is the most common problem which is because of the incompatibility of your iOS device’s version. Some iOS versions may not be supported by “Dead Cells”, because of which this game might be downloaded on those iOS versions. A solution to this is to update your iOS device’s iOS version if you are having an iOS Software Update on your device.
  • Slow internet connection:- If your internet is slow then this game will show you errors while downloading it in your iOS device from the “Pandahelper”. Because pandahelper requires a fast and stable internet connection to allow the downloading of some apps and games. So, check your internet first, and then blame your phone.
  • Temporary Maintenance break:- Pandahelper is not that much professionally built store like App Store, some regular maintenance thus, are common to see. These type of breaks are usually for a couple of hours and you will be able to use “Pandahleper” after that maintenance break. So, wait some hours and again use “Pandahelper” to download “Dead Cells”.

All the above-mentioned issues are common and many users complained about them. But if you are having a different issue with the above steps then tell us by commenting it in the comment box below.

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