How to download revoked apps ios 13

How to install revoked or Tweaked Apps on iOS 14/ 13

Learn about How to install revoked Apps on iOS 14/ iOS 13. This season (winter 2020) is like the Apple Revoking season because it is now being a long time and third-party apps are getting revoked. I think whenever they got revoked they instantly or sometimes within a day or two again become signed.

But this time it is more than a month an anyone using an iPhone is not able to download any kind of third-party app. As anyone goes for downloading an app from a different source than App Store, then the app shows an error. Don’t worry a way is found which can be used to download third-party or revoked apps on iOS devices. To know about it go through the whole article below.

After the launch of iOS 13, Apple was continually revoking third-party apps and now they just stopped the signing of third-party apps thus anyone can’t download the third-party app on any iOS device.

All third-party app stores such as tweakbox, pandahelper, appvalley, etc. are not working anymore. But a new third-party app store came in the lead which contains a category of “Signed Apps”. This means some apps are signed which will not revoke while downloading.

This app is named “iOS Ninja”, don’t worry I will tell you about how to download this app on your iOS device.

Download revoked/ third-party apps (iOS 14/ iOS 13)

Below are the steps by following which you will be able to download a third-party app store named “iOS Ninja”. And it is also stated about how to download revoked or third-party apps from iOS Ninja.

1. First of all, go to-

2. After clicking on the above link you will be redirected to the official webpage where you need to scroll down until you find the “install now” button.

Install iOS Ninja to download revoked apps
Install iOS Ninja

3. Click on that “install now” button and a new pop-up will appear, in which you need to select the “Allow” option.

Allow access to download tweaked app
Allow access

4. Now close that pop-up and go to the settings of your iPhone. You will see a new option at to of all other options in Settings which will be named “Profile Downloaded”, tap on that option.

Profile downloaded
Profile downloaded

5. A new window will appear with the “install” option at the top right corner, tap on it and “iOS Ninja” will be downloaded.

Install revoked app iOS Ninja
Install iOS Ninja

6. Then open up the iOS Ninja app from the home screen of your iPhone. And you will see a category named “Fixed Apps”.

Fixed apps iOS 13
Fixed apps

7. All the apps listed in that category can be downloaded without any revoke. Select any one of them and install it.

Install revoked apps
Install revoked apps

NOTE:- At the time this article is written, only 9 apps including Youtube++, iSpoofer for Pokemon go, Chimera Jailbreak, Uncover Jailbreak, etc. are only available under “Fixed Apps” category in iOS Ninja.

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